Meet Rose

I'm a late twenties girl living up in the mountains of New Hampshire with my forever boyfriend of 10 (!) years and our rescue cat, Meow Meow Chitty Lou.  I enjoy hiking, cross country skiing, trying out new recipes and losing myself in a good book. I'll never turn down a good beer and burger.
I have more shoes than I can count and books than I can ever dream of reading.  My happy place is at the top of a mountain.  Second to that would be in my boyfriend's nook. I have a craving for adventures big and small. 
I'm still trying to figure out life while enjoying the ride.

See that boy up there?  He's my other half.  You won't see too many pictures of him on the blog.  He likes to remain behind the scenes but that doesn't mean he won't be mentioned a time or two.  He's a bridge painter by day and an entrepreneur by night, running his own business.  He's the hardest worker I know.
He loves to fish, hunt and go four wheeling.  Like me, he is most happiest outside doing something. He's the realist and I'm the dreamer.  He keeps me sane and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

That's the cutest kitty cat in the whole wide world, atleast to me.  He showed up one day at our previous house and was living in our barn.  I begged and pleaded and he was welcomed into our family in August 2014.  He kinda runs the house but don't tell him that.  His name was Meow Meow because he's one of the most talkative cats I've met but I've since added on the Chitty Lou and that's what he goes by most days. 
He likes cardboard boxes, plastic bags and hunting mice.  He's never met a treat he didn't like.
Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. You'll never turn down a good beer and a burger, AND you have a tuxedo cat??? You're my blogging sister from another mister!