Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Ten Ways to Enjoy a Day In

Leesa wanted to know what a perfect day in would look like for me and it sounded like a good way to get me to write a post. I'll take it these days! There is nothing I love more than spending a day in, preferably a good snow day when you should be at work. I quickly came up with ten things that would make for a good day at home.

  • Sleep in, wake up slowing and begin the day with a long hot shower. Take time to do a body scrub or face mask.
  • Put on my most comfy loungewear; a big oversized sweatshirt, some leggings and fluffy socks or slippers. 
  •  Play some good music to get me singing along. Currently loving this Mike Posner song.
  • Have a few treats to graze on throughout the day, like this Seven Layer Dip.
  •  Spend the majority of the day with a good book.
  • Break the reading up with some Chitty cuddles.
  • One thing I really enjoy doing with Errol is cooking dinner. So I know my perfect day would have us cooking a favorite dinner together.
  • Put up the twinkly lights and spend the night in a fort.
  • Enjoy the rest of the night in the fort binge watching a new favorite series. We just finished Dexter so we're catching up on a few shows we have recorded. I know I'm late to Dexter but I was so upset with the finale. If you've seen it, let's talk. I need to express my feelings for this one.
  • End the night with pillow fight in bed. Errol and I have this thing where we try and push each other off the bed, all in good fun of course but I love giggling until I can't breathe and tears are streaming down my face. 
So that ends my perfect day at home. How would you spend a day in? What would you add to my list?
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  1. I usually organize something and paint my nails too!

  2. i have never watched dexter but i heard about the upset with the finale. so i never want to watch it now haha. that's hilarious that you guys try and push each other off the bed. a day in for me would be in huge sweatpants, eating bad food and reading. lazy lazy lazy. haha.