Monday, January 2, 2017

2017 Plans

+ Continue My Passion Search

Last year this was at the very top of my list. I had just transitioned to my new job and feeling the change. I'm happy where I am but I really want to challenge myself this year to step outside my comfort zone & go towards the things I want in life. I know that sounds a little cryptic but it's because I'm not 100% sure what those things are yet but I have ideas. Then figuring out the direction and making the plan and going towards them.

+ Ring in My 30's 

I've been dreading turning 30 since I turned 29. I need to stop being afraid of getting older so I'm challenging myself to make my 30's spectacular and full of new things.This year we'll arrive at the Grand Canyon on my birthday and I can't think of a better way to celebrate a new decade then being on a road trip with the bff.

+ Get a Piercing

I'd like to pierce my nose but I'm not sure how professional that is and if it's something I should do. Part of me says fuck it but the other cares. If not that then my tragus which I've always wanted done.

+ Take a Project Management Course

At my current job I'm an account manager but I want to eventually be in a project management role. I know taking a specific course in this will help me get to this goal.

 + Plan Another Long Weekend in Acadia

I fell in love with Bar Harbor and Acadia on our anniversary trip and there was so much that we didn't get to see. We missed going on any of the hikes I had planned and I'd like to plan another long weekend there.

+ Homeownership

Our goal is to buy a house this year but if for some reason it doesn't happen, I want to make sure we have all the boxes checked so that we can pull the trigger when we find the right place.

+ Make Hiking a Priority

I've not hiked regularly in two years and I miss it, a lot. I want to make time for it. It's healthy for my mind and body.

+ Trade in My Car

I have a year left on my lease but I'm ready for an upgrade. I like my Impreza and it goes so good in the snow but we have a privately maintained dirt road and it's just too low to the ground. I'm really wanting a Toyota 4Runner.

+ Teach Chitty to Walk on a Leash

I'd like to take Chitty on some outdoor walks (that's a crasy cat lady statement if I ever heard one) but to do that, he needs to be able to walk on a leash and currently he just flops down and rolls over when he's on it. 

+ Blog Consistently

I only wrote 60 posts in 2016 with many intentions of more. I would have a schedule all planned out but then when it came to writing the actual posts, I fell flat. My goal for 2017 is 100 posts.

My Word for 2017:

I really want to focus on getting healthy this year and not just physically. I want to do the things that make my soul happy like hiking, reading, spending time with people I like and going on adventures. I also really  need to get my eating in check. Both Errol and I need to eat better and stop snacking. Our group at work likes to eat out a lot and get treats and I need to say no. I don't exercise like I should so I'm working towards a routine. I feel like if I don't put the effort in now, it's never going to happen. I'm not exactly happy with how I feel right now and I need to change that. It needs to be a priority.

What's your 2017 word?


  1. I love your word choice! I think that's the grand scheme/theme of my year - mental and physica health, but I chose Less. because Less is certainly more! Yes, teach Chitty to be on a leash and then come teach Oreo - PLEAASE!!!! This cat needs some exercise! I've had my nose pierced since I was 19 and I work in a law office. I keep a small, silver ball. It's relatively discreet and no one says a word about it. Half the time I even forget it's there.

  2. Awesome goals and great word choice! So cool that you will arrive in the Grand Canyon on your birthday! That's amazing!

  3. good luck with the leash training lol. my cats hate it for sure, they flop down as well, even the one who loves being outside. they don't like being constricted. the harness works better than the collar and the leash. my cat at home used to do walk on a leash, but i stopped for like a month and she never did it again. cats are weird.
    i had my tongue pierced when i was younger and my boss didn't notice for several months, and he only did because i showed him. i know nose is more visible, but you don't have to have like a huge thing, a small ball thing wouldn't be that noticeable. or the tragus is cool too.
    i am not really afraid of turning 30, for some reason 29 was harder for me. i'm sure i'll have a mini freak out as it gets closer, but honestly, there are some things happening at home that are super scary and serious and turning 30 is super small and silly in comparison, you know? plus, it's coming up in just over a month so not much i can do haha.
    i love your 2017 word. if i had to pick one, i'd probably choose that as well. all around health, eating, exercise and mental health.