Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Olympic Book Tag

I saw this on Kristen's blog the other week who credited the idea from Shannon at It Starts at Midnight. All images are courtesy of Shannon. I've since seen a few other people do it and knew I wanted to play along. Even though Rio is over, there's nothing wrong with extending the Olympic fun. 
One of my very favoritest books. I fell in love with Henry and Claire's love story from the beginning. I know some people don't like the time flip flopping in the book but I liked piecing together their story. 
Loved the movie and the book. While McCandless story is idealized, there is something alluring about his story of casting off society and just escaping into the wild. 
This is my number one favorite book in all the book land. I know it's literally the most depressing book but it wrapped itself around my heart. Wharton's small and bleak world that she's created for Frome is dark and cold. The love triangle is not of the wildly passionate kind but of the finding happiness where one can and then it all goes to shit kind. 
I read this last year and this is my second Vonnegut and his writing might not be for me. I think his humor is lost on me.
Aristotle and Dante's relationship unfolds during one summer where everything changes for the both of them.
Really this whole bloodydamn series though. If I was going to recommend any books from this list, it would be this trilogy. 
Stevens is on my must read more of this author list.
Yup, full on sobbing the last 30 pages. One of the best books I've read this year. 
Sometimes slow paces books can be good. A lot of times they can be the bigger volumes but I like big books. You get a whole history/story. You don't feel like endings get rushed. One of my favorite authors, John Irving, is slow paced but I adore his stories.
I had all the Goosebumps book when I was younger. I remember my Gram taking me to the bookstore when new ones would come out and we would each get a new book. 
Elephants are my favorite animals. Moduc tugs on your heartstrings.
Most recently, this one. Too slow paced and not personal enough for a memoir. I wanted more sociopath stories not statistics. 
If you haven't read this book and you're a fan of historical fiction, you should. I learned a lot about the Boer War from this book. The story of Peekay features a strong thread of friendship throughout.

I don't read very many books with sports in them. Power of One could have fallen into this category because it features boxing. I had to stretch for this one but it does have a baseball theme which come to think of it, is that even in the Olympics? LOL

PS This post took me way longer to put together than I thought it would!


  1. My stepkid loves Goosebumps.
    I am in the minority about The Time Traveler's Wife. I just didn't enjoy it.
    But, I agree with you - word for word - what you say about Into The Wild and The Nightingale and Still Missing.

  2. ohhhh the time traveler's wife! one of my absolute faves as well. it was the first book that ever made me legit cry like it was happening to me (the letter OMG THE LETTER THE FEELINGS).
    I haven't read the Aristotle and Dante book, it was on my list and then i got rid of it, then put it back, then got rid of it. i think. it might still be there. i don't know.
    oh the nightingale. i had to stop what i was doing (cooking) to sit on the ground and cry. and then i played it back. horrible, horrible idea to listen to that book instead of reading it lol