Monday, September 26, 2016

Five Reasons Working at a Bookstore Was the Best



The bookstore I worked at didn't have a ladder bookshelf, I wish. I'm fairly certain it's every book lovers dream to have a library with one.
Anyone who has been involved with the book industry is aware of ARCs or advances as we called them where I worked. I remember when the book seller would come from respective publishers and we would have a list waiting of advances we were hoping to get. We would regularly get boxes of books in the mail. Not all of them were good but there was always something for someone. This is where the start of my book stockpile began. It's hard to pass up a free book, yo. 

Getting Paid to Read


There wasn't much reading on the job that happened but we were encouraged to bring books home and read them so that we could make recommendations to customers. As long as no damage was done, we were safe to return the book to the shelf. I loved putting my name on the "staff pick" stickers of a book that I had just devoured.

Finding a New Favorite Author


I was introduced, by one of my fellow co-workers, to the greatness that is John Irving while working at the bookstore. My first voyage into his works was The World According to Garp and I fell in love with his storytelling. I'd never read anything quite like him. I know that he can be long winded and even for someone who likes his books, slow going but I love how much of a story you get. I love big books for that reason. They tell a complete story. I've been working my way through his novels ever since.

Book Talk


I started at the bookstore the summer I graduated high school. I'd never been around so many people who genuinely enjoyed reading books and who talked about books and actively shopped for books. I didn't go to school people with many people who read for a hobby. Peers thought you were weird if you went to the library if it didn't have to do with some report. It was really the first time I understood that there was this whole community of people who enjoyed getting lost in books. My co-workers and I would talk books, I would talk about books with customers. The best feeling in the world was when a customer would buy a book you recommended and even better, came back and said how much they loved it! It wasn't uncommon for a book to be passed around the employees because it was good. Working at a bookstore you are exposed to so many genres and authors you might ordinarily not have known and it really helped cement my love of books.

Book Mail


We got book mail daily but there was the one day a week, usually Friday or Monday as new books were due to come out on Tuesdays, where we would be inundated with books. The best part is you never knew what was coming so it was like never ending book presents. We didn't keep track of stock electronically so every book had to have a card made for it. It was the perfect excuse to preview a book especially if it was one you were coveting. I remember the release day of the last HP book. There was so much excitement and people were cracking the book open to start reading before they even got to the counter.

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  1. oh my gosh YES PLEASE now i want to work at a bookstore. i would spend all my money though. haha. i think that being surrounded by book lovers and being able to talk about books would be my favourite. that's why i love show us your books so much, it's the only time i really get to talk about books with other people.