Friday, September 30, 2016

Birthday Boy

Sunday Errol celebrates his 32nd birthday and I'm so excited about it. He still has no idea what I got him and I'm really hoping he likes it. The celebration looks a little different this year because I fly out to Phoenix for a work trip early Sunday morning. We had his family party last weekend and Saturday we'll be staying in Boston for the night. I feel incredibly bad that I will miss his actual birthday but I am looking forward to my trip. Next weekend I have his birthday present scheduled.

Moments to Remember From This Year

+ Boston for his birthday last year and seeing Blue Man Group.
+ Four wheeling on Christmas Eve because we didn't have snow.
+ Chasing each other around the housing, messing with each other and laughing. We do this a lot and also pillow/blanket fights before bed.
+ That one time we went berry picking.
+ Potty training Chitty
+ Errol getting the lift in his Tacoma and his new motorcycle. Things like that make him happy and him being happy makes me happy.
+ Bar Harbor for our anniversary weekend earlier this month, particularly biking around Acadia. Also that one time at Jordan Pond.

Happy Birthday, Errol! I hope that even though your birthday isn't how you planned, you still feel loved and special.
Now off to pack!


  1. Happy birthday to him! Blue Man Group and four wheeling are both pretty awesome adventures.

  2. happy belated birthday to him! what a great year. KC and I do the chasing thing too. it's always fun :)