Friday, August 19, 2016

Ways to Make Cleaning Easier

When I heard about MakeSpace's  4 Week Cleaning Challenge, I was a little apprehensive to say yes, for the simple reason of I HATE cleaning. How am I supposed to talk about something that I dread doing and is the very definition of a chore. If I wasn't cheap and could have a maid come in every day, I would. I want to come home and for my house to be clean and smelling nice without having to be the one making it happen. (To clarify, Errol and I do share the chores) I'm sure I'm not alone in feeling like I relax better if my home is clean. Cluttered house=cluttered mind The funny thing is that once you get down to it, cleaning really doesn't take that long. Once you have a routine, it becomes automatic. I can clean my bathroom (less the shower because I disdain this chore with a fiery passion) in under 20 minutes, top to bottom.  I saw Steph post the other day that she sets a timer and does whatever she can in that time allotment. 

MakeSpace's goal of the 4 Week Cleaning Challenge is to help make your dreaded chore list a little easier to handle. When you break down tasks in smaller "bite size" pieces, they don't seem so overwhelming. I practice this daily at work and for the last few years with my home to-do list as well. When I first reviewed their challenge list, I liked how it listed the normal stuff like scrub the toilet and bathroom sink but also the things you always forget or seem to take a backseat; the "I'll do it tomorrow" items. How often do you clean your curtains or wash your kitchen cabinets? This challenge list will remind you to do the big and small chores. The checklist is broken down by week and room which makes cleaning easy to manage.
Click here to download the MakeSpace 4-week Cleaning Challenge Checklist.

While MakeSpace has a more fancy checklist because ya know, graphic designers and stuff, I have a pretty similar checklist that I made a couple years ago. It's certainly nothing special but it gets the job done. Because my house has a more open concept, I find organizing my checklist by room didn't really work for me. I also tend to do one chore over the whole house. I'm not going to sweep/vacuum the kitchen one day and then my living room the next. I broke my list out by daily and weekly chores and chores that need to get done every month or only a couple times a year. I find this works for me and how I clean. 

View and print my free Cleaning Checklist here
MakeSpake also offers self-storage locations  

What tips do you have to make cleaning easier?


  1. I love cleaning checklists! This is a good one.

    Also, cleaning the shower is THE WORST.

  2. i'm the same with doing all the same thing in multiple rooms.. why would i get the vacuum out to do just one room?! i'm downloading that checklist, i love a good cleaning checklist. i have tried steph's timer trick and i love it. but seriously yes why does cleaning the shower suck so bad?!