Friday, August 26, 2016

Friday Favorites: Too Chute Chitty Woo Edition

I've made it no secret around here that I love and am obsessed with my cat. Anyone who knows me, knows this. This month marks the two year anniversary of Chitty joining our family. (See his first anniversary post here) I don't know why he showed up at our house two years ago but I am so happy he did. I totally get why parents are obsessed with their kids and I didn't even give birth to him. I mean, I still don't want kids but I get it just a little bit now. I can be heard multiple times a day asking Errol to look at Chitty because he's being cute. So in honor of finding his forever home and with that, becoming the most spoiled cat, here's my top ten favorite things about Chitty.

+ Even though sometimes if feels like he never shuts up, I love how he meows. He has different ones and I can tell when he's crabby or whiny or just saying hi. My very favorite is when I come home from work, he'll usually come running to meet me at the porch and he meows the whole way. Obviously this means he's excited to see me, duh. 

+ His paws and especially when he cleans them. Also sometimes I give him little foot massages and he splays out his toes but only on his hind legs. He doesn't like his front paws touched. But he does sometimes, if he's real happy and purring, grab your finger with his front paw and it's kind of like he's holding it.
+ When he comes to me over Errol. Sometimes we'll compete over who he'll come to. He doesn't really have a favorite but it's the best when it's me.

+ He's got black hair like his momma. (also I throw up a little every time I call myself that but can't stop won't stop)
+ That he puts up with all my shenanigans. He lets me hold him and tote him around the house, pretty much however I want and he just goes along with it. 

+ When he brings me critter offerings. I don't love picking up after him but I do appreciate the mouse patrol. He's not limited to mice however. He's caught birds, squirrels, moles and even a rabbit. 
+ How he, without fail, knows when I'm eating ice cream and hops up for a bite. Also when we're eating dinner and he thinks he needs a bite, he'll roll around on the floor, doing "tricks" so you'll give him something. We don't keep him people food that often but he does get meat here and there. He's also a fan of string cheese and popcorn.

+ He's potty trained. He doesn't actually use the toilet anymore that I know of but prefers to go outside.
+ When he follows me around. He generally follows me around the house if he's not napping but if I'm outside and call his name, he'll follow me around the yard and stuff and that's my favorite.

+ And most importantly, he completes our family.
Proudly letting my crazy cat lady, freak flag fly since 2014.


  1. This post makes my heart swell...from one crazy cat lady to another.

  2. i love this so much! KC and I are always saying 'look at Penny/Chelsea/Millie' sometimes we text each other because when we talk, they look up and stop doing whatever they were doing haha. Penny loves her front paws being touched but lord help you if you touch her back paws hahaha.
    i roll my eyes every time i say mum/mama/daddy about me or KC to the cats but like you, can't stop.
    crazy cat ladies unite!