Monday, August 15, 2016

Five Things


Both work and for fun. I love adventures and going new places. In July, I went to Chicago for a work event. Not sure if anyone is familiar with ECRM events but it's kind of like speed dating but with business meetings. You meet with potential clients for 20 minute increments. It was high paced and a very unique experience. Even though it was my first event like that, I kind of liked it better than sitting at a trade show booth. The food wasn't too shabby either. There was bourbon tasting one night and beer the next. The resort we stayed at was right outside Chicago and a colleague and I made it out to the city one night.

A girl I work with is from Chicago and she recommended Three Dots and a Dash for drinks and it was my favorite stop of the night. It's a vintage tiki inspired bar with perfectly garnished drinks made with a salt foam rims and nitrogen. (I seem to be missing the photo I took) We lucked out and found a couple seats at the bar and that made the whole experience. The bartenders were so into their craft and it was great seeing them mix up all the different drinks. They even recommended our dinner spot, Il Porcellino, everything you would expect in a Italian restaurant in Chicago. We couldn't have had better service. We shared the 1000 Layer Lasagna and I'm so glad the server recommended to split because it was such a hearty portion. I got the cute Pellegrino drink there.

Two days later, we took off for our annual canoe trip down the Connecticut river. This was our sixth year and it's a consistently good time with good people. I don't take my phone down the river but I managed to catch a sunset picture.
I booked our hotel for our 10 year anniversary trip to Bar Harbor this weekend. Acadia has been on my list for a few years so I'm excited to final see the rocky coast and go on some hikes. For the first time ever, we decided not to exchange gifts and just treat ourselves to the weekend. Errol doesn't take too much time off from work so we're only going for a long weekend but it will be fun exploring a new place together.

And then the first week in October, I'll be in Phoenix for another ECRM event. I was really surprised to be asked to attend this one as well since we only tend to do 6 or so trade shows a year and this will be my third one. We won't have pretty much any down time in Phoenix but it should be a good time. It looks like the hotel we're staying at has a casino so I might blow a few bucks. I'm not much of a gambler but I'll play some blackjack if it's there. The only bad part is I leave on Errol's birthday so I do feel bad about that. We're planning on spending Friday and Saturday in Boston and I'll fly out from there on Sunday.

Any Bar Harbor or Phoenix recommendations?

Chitty Obsessions

Just over here taking photos of my cat. We recently had another cat nosing around our house. We live in the woods so we don't have a lot of neighbors. I haven't seen this one around before, I'm not sure if he's homeless or not, but we seem to have scared him off. One night it tried to attack Chitty under the porch and then the next weekend they were fighting between the porch door. 

Errol Lovin'

I always start to feel nostalgic and sappy this time of year. We're a month out from our anniversary and this year it's a big one. I remember our fifth one and thinking how far away ten years (a decade!?) sounded away. It's one of those things that we joked about and then next thing we knew, here it is. I've spend a third of my life with Errol. It seems like such an enormous amount of time but just a blink of the eye. I got off easy this year in that we aren't exchanging gifts. This works for me since after so long, it's hard to think of gifts for the guy that has everything. I'll probably make him something sappy just cause though.

His 32nd birthday is in October and I have a pretty good gift up my sleeve. I really like to gift him experiences and because I know he doesn't read here I'm going to spill the beans. I'm gifting him laps in a sports car at a race track. I know he'll love driving a 500 horsepower car around a track as fast as he can.

Flower Admiring

Every year I'm a fool over the flowers that bloom in my yard. They are on their last legs but I'm still savoring everything I can out of them.

Motorcycle Riding

Errol trading in his FZ-07 for the 09. He said the 07 wasn't comfortable and he felt like he was too big for it. This black thing is more his style anyways and it's way more comfortable for me. 


  1. 10 years! that's awesome. congrats. i get sappy around anniversaries as well. we don't do gifts though, maybe we will on big ones (we aren't even at 5 yet lol) but as of right now, i like no gifts. those ECRM events sound interesting, and i had lasagne for lunch and now i want more haha. whenever waiters tell me split a meal i think they are crazy because they don't know how much i can eat, and then i almost always regret not listening to them. haha!

  2. Congrats on 10 years! That's awesome!! And Chitty is just defending his space! Still dying over that hammock picture.

  3. Your flowers look amazing!

    Arcadia is on my list as well. Can't wait to hear tales of your trip. Big anniversary! Enjoy!! We never do gifts - only experiences/travel. I love it.

  4. Spring is my favorite time of year and part of the reason is that I love all the colorful blooms! Great pictures of yours.
    Happy ten years! When you put it in the scope of a third of your life, that seems like such a major deal. All the happiness to the both of you.
    I love seeing Chitty pics.