Friday, June 17, 2016

Life's Little Annoyances

We've all got them, those things in life that just get under your skin or irk you for no reason. Full confession, I came up with this post idea this week while laying in bed trying to fall asleep. I frequently have trouble falling asleep because I can't shut my brain off. I average 45 minutes to fall asleep. I've never been someone who can fall asleep when my head hits the pillow unless I'm utterly exhausted.

So anyways, those pet peeves of mine....

// Instagrammers who don't link the actually place the item is from. I hate when I tap a photo to see where I can get it and they don't show you because you have to have a damn liketoknow account. Nope.

// Tardiness. Especially consistent tardiness from the same individual. It's beyond rude.

// Long nails on men. Like I have a visceral reaction to it.

// When you send an email to a co-worker and they don't respond. That has to be easily my biggest work pet peeve is not replying to emails that are interdepartmental or within the company.

// Confusing your/you're and their, they're, there and it's/its. It's not hard people. See what I did there and there. You're welcome.

// One sided conversations where the other person is so in to themselves that they don't ask about how you are.

// Having to say "Bless you" or whatever you choose to say when someone sneezes. I know it's stupid.

// People who tell me "I always said that too but look at me now" when I say I don't want kids.

// When you make plans, talk about the plans up until the day before and then cancel plans at the time said plans are supposed to happen. (Barring extreme or emergency circumstances, this is just rude)

// Slow drivers.

What's a couple of your pet peeves?


  1. So much agreement. I SOOO agree on the "bless you" thing. Like, why do I have to say it? You sneezed, so what? Do i need to say 'congratulations' when I see someone coming out of the bathroom? Ugh... this seriously annoys me so much! Long nails on guys are gross. Just eew. And I despise liketoknow accounts. I don't get the point. Just tell me where you bought the shirt/shoes/pants and everyone will be happy.

  2. You are singing my grammatically correct song.

    It pisses me off when people talk about my reproduction or lack of it period. Don't.


  3. LIKETOKNOWIT is the WORST! Also I'm a huge hater of tardiness too!

  4. ew long nails on men. gross! KC refuses to say bless you when I sneeze, but sometimes he says love you. hahaha. Neither of us are religious, but saying bless you is like a knee jerk reaction for me. i despise tardiness as well, especially from the same person, but even more so when they act like they are never late and don't know what you are talking about and act like you're the bad guy when you ask them not to be late or whatever. rage.