Monday, May 2, 2016

Letters Vol 1

Dear Mother Nature let's make the snow last Tuesday the last snow we see until December. 65 and sunny, please and thank you. Dear Errol thanks for all you do. Working hard, pushing me to be motivated and treating me well. Dear Reading I'm jonesing for a blow me away, up until 2 am book. Send one my way won't you? Dear Bai Coconut I think I love you. I hated coconut until a year or two ago and now I can't get enough of it. Gimme all the coconut anything. Dear Overnight Oats you da bomb. Quick, simple and delicious. I've been making mine with coconut almond milk, raspberries and a smidge of honey. I prefer them warm over cold. Dear Selena Gomez Hands to Myself is constantly stuck in my head. Dear Chitty thank you for finally getting over your potty training delinquency. It makes my life more pleasant when I don't have to pick up poop. Dear The Affair I'm three episodes into the first season and you are the right kind of hate to love you. Plus I've had a crush on Joshua Jackson since The Mighty Ducks, so you can say we go way back. Dear Bernie so sad it didn't work out for you. Dear Monday you're not my favorite day of the week but you do set the tone for the week. I try to start it off right and get to work early. Dear May welcome!


  1. Awww this is a pretty neat idea :) Wait wait wait. Joshua Jackson is in a new show??? I need to check that out asap. I recently started making overnight oats and oh my god. I'm hooked. So fantastic and filling. Keeps me going til my lunch and that's 5 hours after I start my shift! I'm making a French Toast one tonight that is high protein and low carb.

  2. i only made it 2 episodes into the affair, i need to pick it back up. i had the same crush on joshua jackson... my dog at home is named pacey hahaha. i got her when i was 18 i think. and yes i am jonesing for the same kind of book!