Monday, April 4, 2016

Currently 4.4.16


About Spring. While it is technically Spring, it sure doesn't feel like it here in Northern New Hampshire. It was miserably cold yesterday because of the wind. It's only supposed to reach a high of 50 this week. I think this time of year is the most depressing because everything is so gray and drab. We've come out of Winter so the snow is gone but everything is brown and dead. I can't wait for green grass and baby buds on trees.


This casual outfit for Spring. I love the cognac color of the bag and sandals and I'm really loving the raw edge denim trend right now.


I just finished this last night and it was pretty good! It was a cute love story and I loved some of the themes of lucid dreaming, destiny and religion and astronomy as a co-existing relationship.  Check back next week for a recap!


Is anyone else on the Bates Motel train? Season three started the beginning of March and we just caught up on the last four epidoes and holy hell, Norman has finally lost it.  His sanity was hanging by a thread last season but that thread is gone now. Equal parts fucked up and slightly uncomfortable, what with Norman and his mother's Oedipal relationship.


Trying these Spicy Honey Glazed Chicken Thighs for the first time this week. I love anything that requires little prep and is ready in under 30 minutes. 


To switch over my winter clothes for warmer weather clothing. I'm done with sweaters and boots until September. I can't wait to give up my jacket either. I'm looking forward to going through my Spring/Summer clothes and purging so that I can get some updates. I want some new cute dresses/skirts and tank blouses to pair with lightweight cardigans. I'm also on the hunt for some black slip on type sandals. We can't wear thong style sandals and I never realized how pretty much every sandal out there is a thong style of some sort, even if they have a strap on the back. Any recommendations? I'm trying to decide if a pair of black Birks would be too casual if they were in a gold or shiny black color.

What are you loving lately?!


  1. seriously, what is up with this weather. i got so excited when we had warm weather a few weeks ago but nope... tricked us lol. bates motel looks really creepy, i'll tell KC about it because he likes shows like that. and that recipe looks delish, little prep and under 30 minutes? sold.

  2. Because our seasons are opposite, I'm experiencing similar (but opposite) thoughts about the weather. It's supposed to be autumn here and tomorrow the high is 91*F. I'm pretty sure that book is on my never-ending "to read" list already, but I'm going to make sure.

  3. Over the lingering winter temps. I want some solid spring weeks.