Monday, March 14, 2016

What's In My Shopping Cart

As of 5pm today, I'll be on my way to Orlando for the week. To say I'm excited is an understatement. I've been teasing myself with checking the weather periodically and it will be in the mid-80's every day. Even though this winter was not particularly cold or snowy, I'm still excited for the warmth. I'm going with my two favorite people at work and did I mention it was for a pet trade show? We have a booth at Global Pet which is the largest pet trade show and usually has around 10,000 attendees. I can't wait to see all the animals and cat stuff for my Chitty.

Anyone got any good food recommendations or anything that's not Disney related?

I've also been doing my fair share of shopping lately which I really need to reign in. I'm supposed to be saving money not opening up my wallet for all the useless things that catch my fancy. 

1. You might remember me mentioning that these new shoes were on the way to me. Well I received them and they are currently on their way back. The color was not right. Online these looked black on black with white while in reality the background where the white dashes are looks dark navy not black. They also did this weird thing in the toe box when you walked so needless to say I returned them. I went to Olympia Sport the other day and picked up these Nike Tanjuns instead. I'm much happier.  They are so comfy and light. I'm between an 8.5 and 9. Normally I tend to wear a 9 in most shoes besides sandals. They only had an 8.5 in stock but they fit perfectly. I think the 9's would have been too big.

2. I've been a fan of Maybelline Great Lash mascara pretty much since I started wearing makeup. I've tried various other versions and brands over the years and I thought I had found my new favorite with the Maybelline Volum Express Pumped Up Volume. Until I tried the Volum Express Colossal Cat Eye. The wand on Cat Eye has the perfect shape. It separates the lashes and I find it puts the most on the outter area, which I like.

3. Put the word yoga into a work pant and I'm there.  I have seen the BetaBrand pants mentioned a few blog posts and I was intrigued. They are definitely more expensive than what I would normally pay but I got them on Leap Day for 29% off so I pulled the trigger. I went with the black cropped style. I love a cropped work pant because they are so versatile. They look good with ballet flats, heels and booties. I was nervous on sizing but I took their advice to size up if between and they fit like a glove. I was also really wondering what the material was going to be like. I definitely don't need another pair of black pants but I wasn't sure how the stretch material would look in a non-black color so I played it safe. Even now that I have them in hand, I'm still not sure how a different color would look. I'd like to get a pair of the straight leg if I ever see them on sale again.

4. I purchased this a few months ago but it's the best brow pencil I've owned and I got it off Jane, go figure. I've found it hard to find black brow pencils at my local drugstores so I bought this on a whim. It goes on smooth and the end always stays angled.

5. I don't have dark spots per se but I've found that the Pond's Clarant Dark Spot Corrector has definitely evened out my skin tone. I use a face moisturizer daily and have just recently started using a dark spot corrector. My skin tends to normal to oily and this does not leave my face feeling oily or slick. The only negative for me is that it doesn't have an SPF. 

What have you been buying lately? Share some links in the comments of your favorite recent purchases!

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  1. Bummer about the shoes! I'm off to get a new pair of running sneaks this week, even in person shopping and I'm not looking forward to it. Enjoy Orlando!!!