Thursday, March 31, 2016

Tried & True: Chicken Recipes

Welcome to the newest feature on Ramblin' Rose, Tried & True, where I feature recipes on regular rotation at my house. I'm talking about those recipes that you eat every couple of weeks and are most requested. I figured I would start with chicken because it's such a versatile meat and probably one that we eat most frequently.

Crunchy Coconut Chicken Fingers with Peach Honey Mustard

Via How Sweet It Is

I'm all about condiments and this peach dipping sauce is ahhh-mazing. The mixture of coconut and peach flavors makes me think of sitting on a beach with a pina colada in hand. These Coconut Chicken Fingers are the perfect summer food and are a great substitute for your regular chicken finger. I like to put these on broil at the end to get a nice crisp. When I make the sauce, I puree the peaches less so I have a chunky sauce.

Greek Marinated Chicken

Via Budget Bytes

Of the three recipes featured today, this Greek Marinated Chicken is the one I make the most regularly. I have basically every ingredient on hand and its got great, bold flavor. Depending on time and preference, I make it using the suggested thighs or chicken tender style. From experience, the thighs tend to bake better in the oven than grill due to the marinade. I grill the tenders using my grill mat and it works perfect. The predominate flavor is the lemon so you can customize how intense you want it by how much juice you add.

Taco Chicken Bowls

Via Budget Bytes
Taco Chicken Bowls is one of those stupid easy recipes. Dump everything in your slow cooker and it's ready when you get home. I serve this over rice as suggested in the recipe but I also sometimes mix it up and serve burrito/taco shell style or in nacho form. My one tip is the quality and flavor of the salsa makes the meal. Choose a good salsa, add avocado and you're good to go!

For more Tried & True recipes, check out my Tried & True Pinterest board.


  1. i basically made the last one last night for KC's lunch today lol. so easy! i can't believe i have never made the greek marinated chicken, i love budget bytes. i really like this tried and true series, i really struggle with the 'go-to meals', i'd love to find like 10 that we make regularly, and sprinkle in new ones every now and again, but like i said, i struggle. off to check out your pinterest board!

  2. Can look at my blog to see prices, and nutritional facts of chicken at different grocery stores.

  3. I normally cannot stand coconut but I love coconut shrimp so I'd be willing to try that coconut chicken because holy crap it looks beautiful and that peach mustard sounds to die for.