Thursday, March 17, 2016

If I Found the Pot O' Gold

Happy St Patty's Day! The girls and I are planning on going to a pub after work and getting some green beer. I was trying to think of a post for today and came up with this. Kind of like if I won a million dollars, this is the top ten things I would buy/do if I found the mythical pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

  1. I would pay off all of my parent's bills and let them retire.
  2. A two year long trip around the world.
  3. A Shelby for Errol and a bright yellow restored VW bus for me.
  4. I'd buy a decent house. Nothing extravagant, something nice with some land for farming and animals.
  5. Maybe a second home somewhere after I come back from that two year adventure.  Then I would know my favorite spot.
  6. Hike the AT. Hiking the AT takes money and time. I would have to be able to take 6-8 months off from work and at this time in my life, I couldn't not work and still pay my bills for almost a full year.
  7. Savings. I wouldn't blow it all. Half of whatever I found would go into savings.
  8. Let's face it, I would go on a shopping spree and buy some clothes, shoes and books. 
  9. Extended road trip across the US in the above mentioned VDub bus.
  10. Be one of those anonymous donors to a charity or some local need. See also: help wherever I can because you can't take it with you!
What would you do with that pot of gold?


  1. Such a fun thing to think about! The trip and AT would be such a good gift to yourself!

  2. Many things on your list: pay bills of parents and myself, travel for extended periods of time. I love the idea of a restored VW bus!