Thursday, February 11, 2016

Stitch Fix #5

 Huge fail....I forgot to take a photo of all the pieces together and forgot to document the style note from this fix. I think one of the biggest negatives of Stitch Fix is that your account doesn't let you access your last fixes to see items you've received and requests. I've personally gone back because I wanted to request a pant I received before but in a different color and if I didn't have this blog with the reference, I wouldn't have known.

I've pretty much been asking for the same things; work clothes, nice blouses in jewel colors and graphic prints. I love pops of color. Basic work pants that can be paired with a variety of things. I need another pair of black pants like I need books but you can't have enough styles of black bottoms. I asked for an army/fatigue cargo vest and a couple specific tops that I had seen on some other recent reviews. (See, if I could access my note, I would be able to tell you what ones.) Oh, and tunics. I love tunics because #teamleggingsaspants. 

Also apologies in advance for the horrible lighting and background. It's winter in NH and there is a very small window of sunlight, not to be confused with just daylight. Even though we have lots of windows, I've never realized how dark it tends to be until I take pictures.  Must be all the wood? We rent and the paint colors are not exactly my style. My kitchen area is a pink-ish color and does nothing good in photos and the main living room/dining room area is pale blue with a green-y sponge texture. Like who sponge paints their walls anymore!?? So I'm just not going to feature that.  Errol's office/catch all room had the best lighting so I cleaned out a corner.

How It Works:

+Fill out the style profile and schedule your first fix.
+Pay $20 for the styling fee
+Receive your box with pieces hand selected by your stylist. You have 3 business days to decide what to keep and what to return. 
+The $20 styling fee is applied as a credit and will be deducted from the total of items kept. If you don't keep anything, you are out the $20. If you keep everything, you also get a 25% discount.
If you're interested, feel free to use my referral link. I'll receive a $25 discount when you schedule your first fix.
Try it here.

 Papermoon Edicott Woven Dobby Back Knit Top $58

Margaret M Emer Bootcut Pant $98

 This is the third pair of Margaret M pants I've received and every time I've reviewed and said they were too expensive but ya know what? They were the one and only item I kept from this fix. The last two pairs I received were a straight leg and had a monochromatic print. I actually don't have many bootcut work pants but what I loved about these was that they were the perfect length to wear with a slight heel or flats. They were super comfortable, had elastic waist and I didn't feel like I had to pull them up or adjust them.  My one negative is that the material is kind of weird. It's almost like a crepe/ponte mix.  Not cheap feeling or anything but just a weird texture. They have a noise to them too, like a corduroy. I also kept them with my upcoming work trip in mind. I knew I would be able to wear them all day and they would look good with sneakers. If these were in a store, I wouldn't have looked twice at them because of the price but somehow I was able to convince myself to keep them.

I had mixed feelings on this sweater when I initially pulled it out of the box. I love mixed material and pattern tops so part of me loved it but it had a weird feel because of the knit. It was nubby and was alittle rough. I tried it on and I really kind of liked it. The above outfit is totally something I would normally wear to work and I knew this sweater is something I would wear on the regular but here's the thing, if I kept this sweater and the pants, I would have been at $160 which is less than $100 away from buying the whole box. However, not everything in the box fit well or was something I could justify adding to my wardrobe just because it made sense, price-wise. So back it went. It wasn't an absolute love for me but I did think hard before sending it back.

Abratta Lebray Button Down Top $64

All the photos I have of this outfit are blurry but I also really love that above picture because it's totally in the moment.  I'm trying to grab my phone and Errol's snapping away. He does this during every outfit so I end up having like 50 photos on my phone after all is said and done. So while I did ask for plaid flannel, I actually realized that I don't love pink. I maybe have 2 or 3 pink colored tops and I don't tend to wear them. See, this is something I know, I avoid this color in the store but it's not something I really think about. I've since changed my style profile to say no pink and also no button down tops. I just have too broad of shoulders and pair that with a bust, it's just hard to find a good fit in button tops. I thought this top was insanely priced.  While it was nice quality and had a nice gauze, linen lining, it's a pretty casual top for $64. I did think if the fit had worked, it would have been flattering.  It was darted and nipped in at the waist so it created a nice silhouette. I like the outfit above and again, it's something I would wear normally but I don't need casual tops for $64. And it didn't fit.

Sweet Gray Sable Tie Waist Tunic $74

I loved many things about this top; the color, the mixed material (silk front, knit jersey back), the stitching detail on the front and the vneck that wasn't so deep it required a cami. But man, the price. After reading the item name, I think I tied this shirt wrong. I had assumed that it tied in the back but it could have tied in the front? I'm not sure. I really came close to keeping this but I just could not justify the price.

Pixley Ivy Split Neck Print Blouse $58

I can't even talk about this top. I loved, loved, loved this top the second I saw it.  It is 100% my style from the colors and the pattern to the style. You can't really tell from these photos too well but it was waaay to tight in the chest, like making puckers because it was too tight, tight. I figured I'd throw it on for the photos and Chitty decided to join me. I so wish this shirt would have worked.  It would have been a no brainer.

Overall Thoughts

I thought this was a so-so fix. There were some really great items and I honestly think if the Pixley top would have fit, I would have ended keeping the whole fix and just sucked up the price of the plaid top. My next fix is coming the beginning of April.  I will say that I was disappointed that I request 3 or 4 specific items and didn't receive one of them. But the reason I keep coming back for more is that I love getting surprises, especially mail surprises and surprise clothes mail is even better. I know everyone says this but I also like getting items that I normally wouldn't think about in the store. So for the time being, I'm in.


  1. I like the open back of the first top, but I think the texture if it was weird would have bothered me too! Glad you found something that you liked :)

  2. I love the last one! Too bad it didn't work.

    I like the back opening but am crazy about the textures of my clothes so I get it.

  3. oh that shirt is so pretty! sorry it was too tight. i just received my 'fix' today and i can't wait to get home and try everything on haha.

  4. I love the tunic on you, but you're right, I wouldn't pay that price either. Love the last top-such a bummer it didn't work out. :(

  5. Every time I see a Stitch Fix post, I'm always tempted to try it myself. I always hold back, though, because I feel like some of the prices are crazy for what the item actually is (like the plaid shirt, for example, which I actually really like but would never pay $64 for!). I also feel like I'm super picky with clothes, and have issues with different sizes from different brands fitting very differently. (If that makes sense.)

    Like you, I have trouble with some button down tops because of my chest. It sucks because I really like them, but I usually have to wear them layered with another top so I can open several buttons and leave the chest area mostly exposed. I love that last top, and I'm sorry it didn't work out because of the fit.

  6. I love the plaid shirt but I would have sent it back solely because I could get that anywhere. I've received the Margaret M pants before and they went back because I didn't like the material and $98? No.