Wednesday, February 3, 2016

On Wednesdays, We Confess

// I'm Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde with work vs not work. I'm super organized and on top of things at work. At home...I'm the biggest procrastinator. I can't tell you how many things I put off...chores, making appointments, making phone calls in general. 

// I found my favorite pens on clearance at Staples for $2 a pack.  I bought three packs. 

// I'm really excited for the primary next Tuesday. And interested to see how things fall in my state. #feelthebern 

// I know talking politics is a faux pas but I do generally enjoy the discussion and debate around it.  I like to see other points of view and question my own thoughts. Who's getting your vote?
// I drop the f-bomb and other swear words on the reg. I tend to censor myself on here but sometimes you just need one to get your point across.

// I have less than 40 days left until Florida. Bring on the vitamin D and flip flops.

// Above mentioned trip is for work but it's a trade show and I'm going with my favorite work peeps so I'm excited. 

// I am very anal about my hair. I wear it up 85% of the time and because I have curly, frizz prone hair, I don't like it to be touched and I especially hate windy days.

// I got a juicer for my birthday two years ago and I haven't used it in roughly 1 year & 350 days.


  1. I was just thinking the other day how I was surprised thibgs were very unpolitical on blogs these days! Have fun counting the days till Florida!

  2. LMAO @ the juicer. It's so crazy how we want these things so badly, and then we get them and then it's like, well, that was that, next!

  3. I think the idea that talking politics is a faux pas is what has led us to this state of a Congress that has forgotten who it works for.

    I think Hillary will get the nom, and while I love her, Bernie is more in line with what I want from my government and for my country right now.

  4. hahaha the juicer.

    i can't vote, so i honestly try and stay out of it - that might seem a bit ignorant, but it just makes me frustrated that i can't vote so i ignore things that frustrate me.

    yay at florida! work or not, sounds fun!

  5. Ugh wind and hair is no bueno. Today was seriously crazy windy and I was struggling. I should have worn it up!!