Friday, February 26, 2016

Fri-YAY 2.26.16

O N E//

Thanks to Sarah's Instagram post the other week, these babies are now on their way to their new home. I needed a new pair of everyday sneakers and these will be perfect for my upcoming work trip which is t-minus 17 days and counting.

T W O//

I went to my first Bingo night on Wednesday.  (Why yes, I am 29 going on 80. Thank you for noticing) A group of girls from work went and it was so fun. But let me tell you, those ladies take their Bingo seriously. I'm talking little trinkets all lined up, special Bingo bags to hold their dabbers and other supplies and there is "no talking while the shows on". Per one lady who repeatedly shushed our group for being too loud. They also get cranky at the announcer if he's not doing things the way they want him to. It was quite entertaining to see how serious this was for them.
I had some beginners luck and won a game of Bingo. I won $30 which paid for what I spent plus $10.

T H R E E//

As I was leaving for Bingo, this little guy was in our yard. Please excuse the grainy/blurriness but it is a wild animal. It's a pretty young moose so I wasn't sure if he had a mom around or not. He was pretty happy standing there eating the young tree. I made some noises and stuff because he was close to my car but it wasn't until I walked up to my car that he decided to walk away.  That's probably the closest I ever been to a moose.

F O U R//

F I V E//

What you loving this week?


  1. Hell yes to #4. Thanks for sharing.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. A moooooooose! That just made my morning! How cute!

  3. Your first time playing bingo?!?! Oh man... I LOVE Bingo. *0 at heart and proud of it! How'd you like it? I'm jealous that you get moose in your backyard. I want some moose! Adorable.

  4. A young moose! There's something really special about seeing young animals in their natural habitat. I'm pretty sure I'd happily jump on the bingo train.

  5. i have never played bingo, it sounds like i would enjoy it though. yay for beginner's luck! a MOOSE. that is awesome. i have never seen a moose before (unless you count in brother bear.... which i don't.)