Monday, January 11, 2016

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About my goals for 2016 and how to make them happen. I have high hopes for lots of good things for this year. Just really trying to go after the things I want, embrace change and not be afraid to set the path I want.
30 Motivational and Inspirational Picture Quotes: 


This book has had me hooked since the first chapter. A young girl's parents are brutally murdered one night and the mystery around it.  Except it's not your usual mystery in that the parents were demonologists. This book kind of reminds me of the movie The Conjuring because of the couple who comes and performs exorcisms link. 


Life in Pieces (2015) Poster
Has anyone been watching this show?  The episode last week wasn't that good but it's a pretty funny show. The show has four different storylines or pieces, all centering around this one family.  The dad is hilarious and the young girl is full of sass. 


My birthday in less than 10 days.  The last one until 30.  We get to take a paid day off during our birthday month, so that's nice.  I'll probably take either the Monday or Friday of my birthday week off so I can get a long weekend.  I'm looking forward to dinner at The CommonMan plus my Mom always make me a birthday dinner, menu chosen by moi. Sometimes it's a whole appetizer, entrée type thing or sometimes I like to pick favorites that my Mom makes. And always a big fancy cake!


Hearty Veggie Chowder

This slow cooker Hearty Vegetable Chowder. So yummy and packed full of Winter veggie goodness. And also the butternut squash quiche I mentioned the other week. 


I'll be in Orlando in March for work and there will be lots of walking involved.  I need a new pair of sneakers to wear with office pants and stuff and am leaning towards these. Any other shoe recommendations out there? Must be good for being on your feet all day and work with button down shirt/dress pant type outfit.  I almost thought about bringing my Danskos but I think I want to stick with a sneaker. I looked at the Sketcher Go Walks but I just can't figure out if I like them or not.
Check back tomorrow for my favorite day of the month, Show Us Your Books Tuesday.



  1. The Sketcher Go Walks win no prize for beauty but they are amazing on your feet for a lot of standing and walking.

    That book sounds right up my alley.

  2. I love that you get to take a day off for your birthday! My old job had that and it feels like such a treat :) Do something fun with it!