Monday, January 18, 2016

Birthday Week Giveaway

To kick off my birthday week, I'm giving everyone the chance to win a $25 giftcard to Amazon. Not a bad deal, it's my birthday and some lucky person gets to go shopping on me. I know what I would spend the money on ( I have a whole wishlist full of books) but what would you buy??

I'm not sure how it works around your house but around here, your birthday last a week. And I totally take advantage of it.  Don't wanna do the dishes or start your car in the morning? Pull the "but it's my birthday" card. I'm working on my birthday but I have this Friday off and plan to spend it doing something outside, either a small hike or some cross country skiing.

You get a car! Everyone gets a car! You get a car! - You get a car! Everyone gets a car! You get a car!  oprah you get a car


  1. Happy birthday week! I'm glad you get some time off- even if you sit on your couch in your PJs... still a sweet perk. Hope that this year is absolutely everything for you!

  2. Happy happy birthday week! I celebrate all month. I highly recommend it!

  3. I love birthday weeks. My guy isn't really all that big with birthdays, so I make it a reason to celebrate myself :) Don't get me wrong, I usually get a pretty great gift, but the excitement around it, I create myself.

  4. Happy Birthday week! Hopefully you have a wonderful one!