Monday, January 4, 2016

2016 Ambitions


+ Find My Passion

I don't know what this looks like or where to start but it's at the very top of my list. I want to focus on things that make me feel alive.  I have a group of things in life (books, hiking, adventures) that I love doing and that stir my soul so I want to spend more time doing them. But I also want to find my work passion.

+ Travel More

On Truly Living:

+Contemplate a Tattoo

Don't quote me on this but something small with either significant person meaning or something bookish.

+ Get Healthy

Eat better and be more active. Regularly. Also hike more.  This year was pitiful.

+ Save Lots of $$ to Buy a House  in 2017 

This is right below "find my passion" but more likely to happen. While I love the non-responsibility of repairs and taxes of renting, I want my own place and I need DIY home projects in my life. And I want that adventure with Errol.

+ Focus on my Blog & Get a Custom Blog Design

I started this blog in March of 2015 on a whim. And I've grown to love this space I've created.  I want to grow it and not monetarily but post and content-wise.  I'm still trying to find my voice and figure it out but I want to put a better effort into it.  I decided early on that once I reached a year of blogging, I would invest in a custom blog design and I can't wait.

+ Go on More Weekend Adventures This Summer & Plan Our 2017 10th Anniversary/Rose's 30th Trip

My big weekend adventure goal is a long weekend in Arcadia National Park. Our winter trip this year was delayed because of my job change so Winter 2017 it is. Any thoughts?

+ Read 5 Classics in 2016 & Re-read His Dark Materials Series

I'm not setting a reading number goal this year.  I'm just going to read as much as I can, same as any year.  I thought I would switch things up and I have a whole shelf of classics waiting to be read so maybe I'll discover a new favorite.
And my one word for this year?
When I think about this year and all the things I want out of it, most of all I want to just have fun. I want to be carefree and enjoy life. I want to enjoy loving and being with Errol. After all, this is the last year of my 20's and no, this is not the last you'll hear about it.
What is your biggest goal for 2016?


  1. Big goals! I love em. I have a good feeling that 2016 will be a (fingers crossed) awesome year :)

  2. fun is a great word for 2016 :)
    and yay tattoos! i would love a bookish one. i have 2 and one is a lord of the rings thing in elvish, so i guess that's kind of bookish.
    oh winter 2017, that will be exciting! we are going to Australia and NZ in 2017, but in American summer / Oz winter. I'm super excited. So far away! Europe is always a fun destination!

  3. Love these goals! I need to start being more healthy as well (I say this at least once a week) and I want to do more fun things this summer - more trips, more concerts, more memories! And if you happen to find MY passion while in search of your own, send it over! I'm right there with you on that. Great word for 2016. Mine is Joy.