Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Fall Goal Recap

I'm not quite sure why I'm even posting this...I completed 3 goals and they were the easiest/naturally occurring ones. But hey, gotta keep it honest and real. It's funny because I think I've done maybe three (?) goal posts and every recap is the same. I fail at the whole completing goals thing. Which ironically is funny because when it comes to work, I totally think of myself as a goal orientated person but for some reason, that doesn't correlate into real life. Which is even more ironic because I have a 2016 goals and dream post planned.  Glutton for punishment? Or self improvement?
Do you think if you don't have goals that that means you're not driven?
Anyways, on to the list.

Blog Goals

// Consistently blog three times a week for October and November Nope, not even close.
// Figure out a reading and commenting schedule that works out for me.  When my reader gets into the hundreds, it makes me antsy and not want to read posts at all. No, again. It's not like I have a lot of choices on this one.  It's either before work or after work and I will never be a morning person so...and then it's the eternal struggle of every reader out there;  sacrificing reading time to do something else.

Fall Seasonal Goal

// Carve a pumpkin BAHAHA, I couldn't even do this one! This is the second year I missed the pumpkin carving train and I don't like it.

Personal Goals

// Host a dinner for my family Nope, but I am planning a taco night because my Dad doesn't like tacos but my Mom does and she never makes them.  I'll have them over and make my Dad something separate.
// Organize and change over my clothes room for fall/winter WooHoo!  I finally completed one but let's face it, this was going to happen anyways. I bought a new shelving unit for my sweaters and I love it.  Plus, my tbr bookcase was overflowing and I needed somewhere to put them.  This is after I cleaned out 60+ books.

Work Goal

// Make it a point to get into work a half hour early once a week for a month. I'm giving this a half.  I've been staying late consistently.  As I said, I am not a morning person. I'm the person hurriedly walking in 2 minutes before I'm supposed to be there.  

Fitness Goals

// Go on a hike before the snow falls No, I did have plans but the girl I had plans with got sick so it didn't happen.  I haven't made it a priority like I need to.  It calms me and is a form of therapy.
// Work out every day for a week LOLOLOL

Reading Goals

// Read 10 books between October and November I did better than that, I read 11 books in November alone.  I can't wait for the link up next week.  I read some good books!
// Read Sea of Tranquility due to popular blogger demand And it didn't disappoint!
So, what's your thoughts on goal setting? Yay or nay? Do you get upset if you don't follow through on your goals?


  1. I'm secretly glad to see that not everyone in the blogosphere finished all their fall goals... Because I don't even want to LOOK at mine. I know I failed miserably... Alas it was still fun!

  2. Wait... you missed carving a pumpkin this year (and last) or you've NEVER carved a pumpkin. One of those options I can accept....

    I don't even know where my fall goals are but I know I did quite a few of them. I should probably find that post...

  3. I totally crapped the bed on my fall goals, but there are still a few weeks of fall left!