Monday, November 23, 2015

Stitch Fix #4

Since my last fix was pretty good, I decided to try another fix. Below is my note for my stylist on what I was looking for in my fourth fix.

Specifically want items for work. Graphic/colorful blouses. Love jewel tones and bright pops of color. Plaid. Non jean pants; loved the fit of the Kut from the Kloth pants I received in one fix. I like my work pants to be more neutral colored or something I could pair with multiple things. No accessories this time please. Tunics to pair with leggings. Love mustard and fatigue/army color. Versatile cardigans. Any good leggings-black only.

Sneak peak of the fix:


How It Works:

+Fill out the style profile and schedule your first fix.
+Pay $20 for the styling fee
+Receive your box with pieces hand selected by your stylist. You have 3 business days to decide what to keep and what to return. 
+The $20 styling fee is applied as a credit and will be deducted from the total of items kept. If you don't keep anything, you are out the $20. If you keep everything, you also get a 25% discount.
If you're interested, feel free to use my referral link. I'll receive a $25 discount when you schedule your first fix.
Try it here.

Staccato Siri Cowl Neck Poncho Pullover Sweater $54

Oh god, this sweater. I'm not quite sure why anyone would want an article of clothing to have something pointing at their bust area. I actually liked the overall fit and color combo of this sweater but just, no. I'm usually not a huge fan of cowlnecks because they tend to be high maintenance but I liked this. The overall outfit was zero fuss and I would have felt comfortable all day at work.  There's nothing worse than wearing an outfit to work that you aren't entirely comfortable in.  It's distracting and I don't know about you, but I count down the hours until I can get home and change.

Papermoon Iglesia Pleated Blouse $48

Liverpool Jordyn Bootcut Pant $88

I really liked this top when I first pulled it out of the box.  I love the color combo.  I was kind of iffy on the fabric. It has that crepe feel to it and I tend to think that type of fabric feels cheap. Then I put the top on and the pleats were not flattering at all in the bust. It was just weird.  I think I had alittle too much chest for this top.  The rest of it fit like a glove.
My initial impression of these pants was not good. I wasn't quite sure what to think of a ponte pant in a bootcut style. But I put them on and they literally fit so well. They were extremely comfortable. If these were in black, I would have kept them.  I would consider them a taupey brown/gray color. They were slightly too long so I couldn't have worn flats with them.  They didn't look right with black shoes and I only have one pair of brown heels.  I prefer to wear flats to work anyways.

Pixley Ellie Printed 3/4 Sleeve Blouse $48

Spoiler alert, I kept this shirt.  I saw Michael post a photo from her fix on Instagram and immediately was in love with this top.  I love elephants and a good printed blouse is my go to work uniform, besides a sweater and leggings, of course. I had originally requested it in my last fix but backed out at the last minute because I saw that it had a crewneck.  I generally do not like crewnecks.  They tend to be too tight fitting to the neck. I thought it was pretty funny that I got this blouse in a fix anyways. And it fits perfectly. I know this will be something I will get a lot of wear out of.

Pixley Nilla Button Back Sweater $68

Gah, I LOVED this sweater but I couldn't keep both the shirt and sweater with Christmas right around the corner.  It was so hard to choose between either the sweater or blouse.  I picked the blouse because it was $20 less but man, this sweater.  I loved the color, the fit and the buttons down the back. Everything about it was perfect. 
Also paired with this sweater are my current favorite booties.

Overall Thoughts:

I really enjoyed this fix, horrible sweater aside. As with my last fix, I had a few really great items to choose from. Everything fit and was more or less something I would wear. I scheduled my next fix for February because I really like getting clothes that I might not normally pick out at a store but also I really like the surprise. 
Also, as you can see we haven't racked our lawn so please excuse the mess. And sorry about the drabness but that's what NH in late November is.


  1. Great stuff this time! I love what you picked- it adds a little fun

  2. I totally adore the bottom sweater.

    The first one is hideous! LOL like whyyy are you sending that to people?

    I like what you kept, and I know what you mean about crepe material on the one you didn't. I think that feels cheap too.

  3. oh wow that first sweater is so awkward. why?!
    love that bottom sweater - maybe you can ask for it again next time? it looks amazing on you!

  4. I also love the elephant top and the last sweater.

    And the first sweater is so weird. I mean, I really like the colors, but the pattern is bizarre. It would have been so much better if it didn't have the bust arrows!

  5. That first sweater is the worst. it almost looks like a bra on top of the sweater. I don't know why anyone would have designed it that way because most women don't want arrows pointing at their boobs. But the rest of the package was pretty awesome!

  6. So glad you kept it! Seeing your pics makes me want to request it so I can have it. I wanted everything in that fix but the bank account said no. :(