Monday, November 23, 2015

Stitch Fix #4

Since my last fix was pretty good, I decided to try another fix. Below is my note for my stylist on what I was looking for in my fourth fix.

Specifically want items for work. Graphic/colorful blouses. Love jewel tones and bright pops of color. Plaid. Non jean pants; loved the fit of the Kut from the Kloth pants I received in one fix. I like my work pants to be more neutral colored or something I could pair with multiple things. No accessories this time please. Tunics to pair with leggings. Love mustard and fatigue/army color. Versatile cardigans. Any good leggings-black only.

Sneak peak of the fix:


How It Works:

+Fill out the style profile and schedule your first fix.
+Pay $20 for the styling fee
+Receive your box with pieces hand selected by your stylist. You have 3 business days to decide what to keep and what to return. 
+The $20 styling fee is applied as a credit and will be deducted from the total of items kept. If you don't keep anything, you are out the $20. If you keep everything, you also get a 25% discount.
If you're interested, feel free to use my referral link. I'll receive a $25 discount when you schedule your first fix.
Try it here.

Staccato Siri Cowl Neck Poncho Pullover Sweater $54

Oh god, this sweater. I'm not quite sure why anyone would want an article of clothing to have something pointing at their bust area. I actually liked the overall fit and color combo of this sweater but just, no. I'm usually not a huge fan of cowlnecks because they tend to be high maintenance but I liked this. The overall outfit was zero fuss and I would have felt comfortable all day at work.  There's nothing worse than wearing an outfit to work that you aren't entirely comfortable in.  It's distracting and I don't know about you, but I count down the hours until I can get home and change.

Papermoon Iglesia Pleated Blouse $48

Liverpool Jordyn Bootcut Pant $88

I really liked this top when I first pulled it out of the box.  I love the color combo.  I was kind of iffy on the fabric. It has that crepe feel to it and I tend to think that type of fabric feels cheap. Then I put the top on and the pleats were not flattering at all in the bust. It was just weird.  I think I had alittle too much chest for this top.  The rest of it fit like a glove.
My initial impression of these pants was not good. I wasn't quite sure what to think of a ponte pant in a bootcut style. But I put them on and they literally fit so well. They were extremely comfortable. If these were in black, I would have kept them.  I would consider them a taupey brown/gray color. They were slightly too long so I couldn't have worn flats with them.  They didn't look right with black shoes and I only have one pair of brown heels.  I prefer to wear flats to work anyways.

Pixley Ellie Printed 3/4 Sleeve Blouse $48

Spoiler alert, I kept this shirt.  I saw Michael post a photo from her fix on Instagram and immediately was in love with this top.  I love elephants and a good printed blouse is my go to work uniform, besides a sweater and leggings, of course. I had originally requested it in my last fix but backed out at the last minute because I saw that it had a crewneck.  I generally do not like crewnecks.  They tend to be too tight fitting to the neck. I thought it was pretty funny that I got this blouse in a fix anyways. And it fits perfectly. I know this will be something I will get a lot of wear out of.

Pixley Nilla Button Back Sweater $68

Gah, I LOVED this sweater but I couldn't keep both the shirt and sweater with Christmas right around the corner.  It was so hard to choose between either the sweater or blouse.  I picked the blouse because it was $20 less but man, this sweater.  I loved the color, the fit and the buttons down the back. Everything about it was perfect. 
Also paired with this sweater are my current favorite booties.

Overall Thoughts:

I really enjoyed this fix, horrible sweater aside. As with my last fix, I had a few really great items to choose from. Everything fit and was more or less something I would wear. I scheduled my next fix for February because I really like getting clothes that I might not normally pick out at a store but also I really like the surprise. 
Also, as you can see we haven't racked our lawn so please excuse the mess. And sorry about the drabness but that's what NH in late November is.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Currently 11.12.15


About how the holidays and the end of the year are right around the corner.  The older I get, the more I feel like time is just speeding by. I remember being in my late teens/early twenties and feeling like a had all the time in the world.  And here I am fastly approaching 30 and wishing time would slow down. I'm not ready to give up my twenties yet.  I totally gave Errol tons of shit when he turned 30 and was bothered by it but truthfully, I'm starting to understand it.


I just starting listening to Still Life last night. Several of the girls I work with love this series so I figured I would give it a try.  I'm on the fence just because it's not my normal but one of the girls, whom I used to work with at the book store and knows what I like, recommended it and said I would probably like it so I'm giving it a shot.  
And Sea of Tranquility....I mean I was pretty much forced to when about 50 bloggers have reviewed and said that it was nothing short of amazing.  I'm bracing myself for all the feels and tears.  I'm only 50 pages in but really liking it so far.


I'm ashamed to admit this but I'm actually watching quite a few shows right now. Scorpion, Walking Dead, Finding Carter, American Horror Story, just to name a few.


Is anyone watching this season of AHS? I would say that this season is the most sexual graphic season yet.  I was surprised that some of the scenes were tv approved. FX isn't exactly HBO. I love Lady Gaga's character and I really love Liz Taylor.  I'm not loving the story itself though.  It's not as bad as last season's Freak Show though.


The four day weekend that is gifted to us in the form of Thanksgiving.  The place where I work does vacation time as earned time.  I've never worked somewhere where you accrue time off as you work.  I also have not had such limited vacation time in like forever. This will be the first year in a while that I will not be taking the week between Christmas and New Years off.  I imagine it's going to be rough being at work during that time.


The new Dunkin Snickerdoodle Macchiato.  I got it the other day on a whim and it is delicious.  I've had one two days this week already.  My job is such a bad influence.  Someone does a coffee or McDonald's ice cream sundae run everyday.  I used to never spend money at my old job but it's hard to say no.  I mean, you can get a little ray of sunshine that is a McD's sundae for less than $2.
While we're on the drink theme, I'm also obsessed with the Celestial Seasonings Watermelon Lime Zinger. It is really similar to the Tazo Passion, maybe slightly less sweet but it's my new go to when I'm not feeling water.



Considering adding these babies to my Christmas wishlist. I would never buy them for myself because I'm cheap but as a gift, sure!  I have a feeling Errol will veto them because he would really rather not add to my shoe problem but you never know.  I'm waffling between the pretty shiny ones or going the more practical route of black or brown.  The only thing I don't love is that bright blue on the back.  I like my outfits to match and feel like it will bother me. Anyone have any experience with these?  Are they as comfortable as everyone says?
What's up with you this month?  What are you loving or hating or shouting about from the rooftops?


Tuesday, November 10, 2015

October Book Review


Rating System
5- Loved it! All the feels and flails. New favorite
4- Really liked it
3- Decent
2- Would not recommend.
1- Did not like.  Didn't finish. Gave book away.

Boy, Snow, Bird By Helen Oyeyemi
Rating: 3.5

In the winter of 1953, Boy Novak arrives by chance in a small town in Massachusetts, looking, she believes, for beauty—the opposite of the life she’s left behind in New York. She marries a local widower and becomes stepmother to his winsome daughter, Snow Whitman.
A wicked stepmother is a creature Boy never imagined she’d become, but elements of the familiar tale of aesthetic obsession begin to play themselves out when the birth of Boy’s daughter, Bird, exposes the Whitman family secret. Among them, Boy, Snow, and Bird confront the tyranny of the mirror to ask how much power surfaces really hold.

I can't decide how I feel about this book.  I loved the writing but I can't decide on the story itself. Boy's motives were hard to figure out. It was clear from the beginning that Boy was not in love but she decided to marry anyways and then proceeded to make a really horrible decision regarding Snow. I really did not like Boy but I did enjoy the part told from Bird's perspective.

5 to 1 by Holly Bodger
Rating: 3.5
I received a digital copy of this book courtesy of NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Part Homeless Bird and part Matched, this is a dark look at the near future told through the alternating perspectives of two teens who dare to challenge the system.
In the year 2054, after decades of gender selection, India now has a ratio of five boys for every girl, making women an incredibly valuable commodity. Tired of marrying off their daughters to the highest bidder and determined to finally make marriage fair, the women who form the country of Koyanagar have instituted a series of tests so that every boy has the chance to win a wife.

I breezed through this book. It was written in alternating perspectives of a girl choosing who to marry and a boy being tested. The girl, Sudasa, became aware of the corruptness going on within the tests and was a strong female character who was not afraid to go against tradition and her family. Her story was told in prose and normally I am not a fan of this style of writing but this did not bother me. I loved Kiran, who was the boy being tested. I will forever be a champion of the underdogs and I loved his kindness and brazenness. My only negative was the ending. Ugh! I needed to know more. It was too abrupt. I needed more of Kiran's story.

Caleb's Crossing by Geraldine Brooks
Rating: 3.5

Bethia Mayfield is a restless and curious young woman growing up in Martha's vineyard in the 1660s amid a small band of pioneering English Puritans. At age twelve, she meets Caleb, the young son of a chieftain, and the two forge a secret bond that draws each into the alien world of the other. Bethia's father is a Calvinist minister who seeks to convert the native Wampanoag, and Caleb becomes a prize in the contest between old ways and new, eventually becoming the first Native American graduate of Harvard College. Inspired by a true story.
I loved People of the Book but in all fairness, that might be because I love novels that have to do with some sort of hunt for a lost treasure.  I adored Bethia for her strong will and that she was not afraid to think outside of women's roles in society during the 1600's, She had a strong desire to learn and found creative ways to make that happen. She would not accept that women were not meant to educate themselves. I fell in love with the story of Bethia and Caleb even if I was hoping for some romance.  I found myself skimming the parts of the book that got overly religious. I did not know before I read it that the book was largely based on Martha's Vineyard and I found the history of the island interesting.

The Winter People by Jennifer McMahon
Rating: 4

West Hall, Vermont, has always been a town of strange disappearances and old legends. The most mysterious is that of Sara Harrison Shea, who, in 1908, was found dead in the field behind her house just months after the tragic death of her daughter.
 Now, in present day, nineteen-year-old Ruthie lives in Sara’s farmhouse with her mother, Alice, and her younger sister. Alice has always insisted that they live off the grid, a decision that has weighty consequences when Ruthie wakes up one morning to find that Alice has vanished. In her search for clues, she is startled to find a copy of Sara Harrison Shea's diary hidden beneath the floorboards of her mother's bedroom. As Ruthie gets sucked into the historical mystery, she discovers that she’s not the only person looking for someone that they’ve lost. But she may be the only one who can stop history from repeating itself.

Another month, another McMahon book. This is the first audio book I've listening to in a long time but now that I have a 30 minute drive back and forth to work, I figured I could start maximizing my time. I have a hard time with audio books.  My mind tends to wander and then I'm like what just happened? I also think the voice of whomever is narrating matters as well. I like when authors narrate their own books, which was not the case with this one. Not McMahon's best work but I did enjoy the story.  Without giving too much away, there was a part of this book that actually reminded me of a reoccurring dream that I used to have as a child.  I used to have this dream that there was this witch living down a trail we had in our woods, kind of like in the Sleepy Hollow movie. Anyways, the book was told from various view points both past and present day. I didn't mind that it left a few things open.

The Crane Wife by Patrick Ness
Rating: 4

A magical novel, based on a Japanese folk tale, that imagines how the life of a broken-hearted man is transformed when he rescues an injured white crane that has landed in his backyard.
I loved, loved this book.  I love books that are centered around retellings of folk tales/folk lore. The main novel was interwoven with the folk tale telling, which was my favorite part.  I love anything that has to do with magic or mysticism. I love the feeling that anything is possible and something wonderful and unexplained can happen during ordinary life. This was my first Ness book and it will not be my last. I really connected with the characters and even though it had a very melancholy feeling, it still had this hopefulness to it.

Love it: The Crane Wife & 5 to 1
Leave it: Boy, Snow, Bird

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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

It's OK If...

+ You brought lunch to work but decided to order out.
+ The bookcase is overflowing but you bought more books home anyways.
+ Some days your cat is your favorite person.
+ Your to do list never runs out.
+ You didn't dress up for Halloween this year.  There's always next year!
+ You still watch MTV. I'm talking about you Teen Mom and Finding Carter. (sidenote: please tell me someone else out there is watching this season of Finding Carter?! Obsessed)
+ This ecard speaks to your soul.
250 Funniest Nursing Quotes And Ecards:
+ You are already making your Christmas wish list.
+ You avoid someone you know when you see them in the store. Sometimes you just don't want to make small talk.
+ You're wondering where 2015 went.
+ You can't keep a plant alive to save your life. 5 out of 6 succulents I had croaked along with 2 ivy plants. Supposedly some of the easiest plants to keep alive...or so they say.
+You got a new car less than a year ago and you're already thinking about your next one.
+ The thought of having kids makes you want to break out in hives.