Friday, October 2, 2015


I most likely wouldn't have posted today. It's a bittersweet is the funeral for my Gram but it's also the day that my most favorite person in the whole world was born.  And I feel like that deserves to be mentioned. I've seen these posts floating around blogland but I first remembering seeing it on Steph's blog and loved it. I pretty much knew I would be borrowing the idea when Errol's birthday rolled around.

10 Facts About Errol

// He loves wings, preferably bone in style. If we go to a restaurant, it's a guarantee that we are getting an appetizer of wings. His second favorite food is BBQ ribs.

// Errol loves tv shows about gold, Alaska and survival how to; even better shows about gold in Alaska. His favorite show is Gold Rush.

// He knows how to treat himself.  He loves his toys and they have to be fast.

// When he gets an idea into his head, you know it's going to happen. He's driven. Whether that be in his professional life or just knowing what he wants. If he decides he wants something, he will research that thing nonstop for a week and then bam, purchased.

// Chitty and him love each other even if one of them won't admit it. On Friday nights when he comes home from being gone all week, it doesn't take him long to scoop up Chitty and give him some cuddles.

// He takes care of the people he loves. He's not an overly demonstrative person. He shows his love by acts.  It could be in the form of him taking the trash to the dump for his Mom or backing up his Gram's car for her because he knows she hates to back up.  He's always there when you need him.

// I can never tell when he's drunk.  He could have had 5 or 6 Crown and Cokes and he still acts roughly the same. I'm not quite sure how he does it.

// His favorite song right now is Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Five Finger Death Punch but his favorites are Korn, Metallic, Godsmack and Disturbed, with maybe some Bone Thugs thrown in.

 // His Tacoma is his most prized possession. He loves that truck and hates when he spots any truck that is the exact same as his.

// He loves winter. He genuinely enjoys being outside in the winter. He would much rather be cold than hot. He loves being outside in general.  I don't think he could ever have a desk job.  He spends his days busting his butt 30-40 feet in the air under bridges. That's him under a bridge balancing on a cable.

Happy, Happy Birthday, Errol! I'm so happy there's a you for me out there in this world. 



  1. Happy Day Errol! I'm glad it is not just my husband wing obsessed. He tried to bake the whole frozen bag of chicken wings a couple weekends ago- serving size 12 people!

  2. I hope you're doing alright and if you need to talk, always ready to listen. Happy birthday to Errol. That's an awesome list and so sweet :)

  3. Aww, I'm a little late so happy belated birthday to Errol!

    I'm sorry it was a bittersweet day, but maybe that's not a terrible thing ... Celebrating his birthday probably helped give an otherwise difficult day some happiness and light (and sometimes you need that).