Thursday, September 3, 2015


+ Stand up for what's right even if it makes them unpopular
+March to the beat of their own drum & DGAF
+Have convictions and will fight for them 
+ Are strong women
+ Are hard workers
+ Easily connect with new people
+ Are entrepreneurs
+ Have drive and dreams. And who strive to make them become a reality.
+ Make the world a better place
+ Don't back down
+ Are courteous
+ Go out of their way to help people
+ Have a way with words
+ Aren't afraid to take that leap of faith into the unknown
+ Are flawlessly styled and make it seem like they have it all together, even if they don't
+ Are graceful and always speak kind words.
+ Are artistic
+ Have a life plan
+ Have found their passion in life
+ Haven't lost the child in them
What's something you admire in people?


  1. A lot of these things make my list! People who stand up for what's right, people who speak out and aren't afraid of kickback, people who do what they want, people who help others. Great list!

  2. Wow. Great list. I'd add that I admire people that are loyal. That are generous to those less fortunate. That are kind to animals and elderly.;

  3. I agree with so many of these.

    I value and admire integrity the most. People are peple. Clearly. We make mistakes. It's natural. But for me, it's important and admirable when someone can own their mistakes instead of excusing them. Or when someone sticks to their beliefs, no matter what anyone else thinks, just because it's important to them.