Monday, August 17, 2015

Ode to Chitty Woo's

This month marks the one year anniversary of Chitty joining our home. To say I'm obsessed with this cat would be an understatement.  It sounds cheesy/dorky to say this but he is exactly what I didn't know I needed.
I have been wanting a dog for years and was a self proclaimed cat disliker but along came that black and white kitty up there and my heart grew ten times in size.

The Backstory

We used to rent an old farm house with a run down barn on the property.  Sometime in July, we were leaving the house and I heard a meowing coming from the barn.  I walked over to one of the doors and out popped this black cat. From the moment I found him, he was friendly and willing to come around people. I fed him a can of tuna and that night he left me my first mouse.
This progressed for several weeks.  I would leave him cat food and he would leave me mice, sometimes more than one a day. As the days went on, he started to come and hang out on the porch with us and he would always want to go inside.  It was clear he had been a house cat previously.
Errol is allergic to cats but pretty much from the first day, I was begging to keep him. I just knew I was meant to take this cat in.  He came to our house for a reason.  Originally I had called a couple shelters just to see if they would take him but they were full. That pretty much sealed the deal.
I bathed him and brought him inside that same week as the hiking accident. And he's been keeping me company ever since.
The very first picture I took of Chitty


Meow Meow
This was his very first name.  Chitty is the most talkative cat I have ever seen.  He meows when he's happy, he meows for attention, he meows to go outside/inside, he meows just to meow.
Meow Meow Chitty Lou
Chitty Woo, Chitty Lou
Chute Chute Chitty
Chitty Chitty Woo Woo
Chitty Chat
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Theme Song

Bad, bad Chitty Woo, the baddest Chitty in the whole wide world
Sung to the tune of Bad Bad Leroy Brown


Treats (as many as he can get)
Lounging on top of the couch
Sleeping with me on the bed (only when Errol's not home)
Mousing & bird snatching
Exploring the woods
Getting on top of the neighbor's porch roof
Using his scratch pad
Plastic bags & boxes
Sleeping on luggage
Sitting in your lap while you're on the computer
Rough housing (but only when he wants to)


Coming inside for the night
When he can't go outside  (sometimes he gets that inch and won't shut up about it)
Being ignored
When he thinks you've gone to bed for the night without feeding him
Loud noises
Getting up in the morning
Forever my favorite Chitty picture



  1. Adorable! I love that he is so talkative! And Obvi... The theme song!

  2. He looks so sweet!! Our cat is very vocal too, it's so cute! As soon as we get up Eddie (our cat) starts meowing until you check his bowl, even if it is full. Cats are so funny! Glad you got to keep him!!

  3. I adored this post because I am a cat convert myself. I used to be scared and disliked almost any cat I'd ever met. My guy is a dog AND cat person, so I agreed to adopt a kitten or two (we got three)! They are the most amazing additions to my life. So, I could really feel the same sentiment from you. And, I loved all the pics of Chitty!

  4. If we ever get a cat (we rent and have two dogs already; many landlords don't allow more than two pets), I want a black one. I hear that they are much less likely to be adopted.

  5. ugh, chitty is so, so cute! You can definitely tell he's a sweet cat just from the pictures! It's amazing how much joy pets bring to our lives. They are everything. And it never ceases to crack me up that cats think to bring their owners mice.

    I really want a cat and figured we would get one in our next place. However, seeing how expensive EVERYTHING is in SF, I think we might have to wait a bit longer as pet rent is like 500 bucks and we already have one :( So for now, I'll just live through all of you with your cut cat pictures!

  6. Ha! My dogs have theme songs too. Chitty is adorable!

  7. OMG! I could geek out over this post all the live long day! First of all, that last picture, in the kitty cube? TO DIE FOR!!!! I squeeled... at work. It's just so damn cute!!!! Also "I fed him a can of tuna and that night he left me my first mouse" this just made my heart melt. He was telling you he loved you right from the start.

    And yes, he and Oreo could be serious twins. Twin blog cats!!!! I'm now inspired to do a post like this for him... and probably the other 2. I think they know Oreo is the favorite. :(