Wednesday, August 26, 2015


I confess // it's always been on my bucket list to own/ride in a side car. But only with a skullcap helmet, long flowy scarf, leather jacket and cat-eye sunglasses.

I confess // I've been drinking Bolthouse Farm Vanilla Chai Latte on my way to work in the morning. I don't hate it.

I confess // I went to a lawn party on Sunday with the most amazing views of mountains. An awesome band made up of all women and with mountains as a back drop? Yup!

I confess // I'm obsessed with this song right now.  I'm not a huge country fan but this song is so sexy and I think Eric Church has a pretty great voice.

I confess // As much as I'm dreading the thought of winter, I've already been thinking about fall. I'm ready for boots and soups.  I made this bread the other day for a work breakfast and it was a big hit. I'm more apt to cook in the fall/winter too.

Blueberry Peach Bread
I confess // This might be the shortest post ever.


  1. I pinned that bread, it looks good! I might need to try to make it for the shore next week.

  2. I like some of the Bolthouse drinks, especially the mocha ones.

  3. That lawn party looks like a pretty perfect location for a party!

  4. I'm TOTALLY ready for boots and soup. I'll switch with you for winter. I've been to Vermont (close enough to NH) in October - heavenly.