Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Weekending & Rambles

+ I'm on my second week at the new job. Not going to lie, the first few days I hated it. But I finally feel like things are coming around. Or rather I am. The job and the company as a whole are a complete 180 from where I was working so that was a little struggle for me at first. I realized that I needed to be more open minded and embrace this opportunity so that is what I'm working on this week.  It's all about the mind set.
+ We went on our annual canoe trip this past weekend.  This was our fifth year going and it was a blast as always.  We camp in a huge field and there's usually 60-100 people every year.  This year it was on the low side because the weather was supposed to be crappy but it ended up being a decent weekend.  We put in up the river so that we end up at the campsite at the end of the day.  It ends up being about 16 miles so it's all day affair of sun and booze.  I came back with about 100 bug bites and a burnt forehead but they were worth it.

 + I'm addicted to Cheez-It Grooves in the zesty cheddar ranch.  Like I bought another box this week at the grocery store before I even finished the box I had at home addicted. Do yourself a favor and get a box.
 + The bf got a new toy the other weekend and he's looking pretty good on it if I do say so myself.
+ Any recommendations for decent inexpensive work clothes?  My new job is more on the business side of business casual so that means no jeans.  I found a couple tops and a pair of pants at my TJ Maxx and a few things at the BR outlet but looking for a few more basics to add in there.
I'm so out of the loop with reading blogs right now as I try and work out my new schedule. I am reading them here and there but it's hard for me to comment on my phone. So what's up with you?  What's new and exciting in your life?


  1. good luck at the job!!! I know it can be a bit disorienting at first and sorry your first week was hard. I'm sure you'll get your groove soon enough!

    And that canoe trip sounds super fun! We don't have any camping trips this summer (most of our staycations this year are going to be wedding-related) and I'm really annoyed about that. I love camping.

    1. This is pretty much the only camping we do throughout the year. Neither of us are big fans of camping. Give me an RV and sure but tenting it....ehh.

  2. Hopefully the job will be a little easier once you are used to it. I always feel weird during the first couple of months at places.

  3. It's hard to acclimate at first, I think. Hopefully it gels quickly!

  4. Way to be positive about the changes! Fake it till you make it.... I love BR for work clothes because they last a very long time. Also Michael Kors (at Marshalls normally) has a lot of good options. :)