Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Book Review: The Grisha Trilogy

Rating System
5- Loved it! All the feels and flails. New favorite
4- Really liked it
3- Decent
2- Would not recommend. Ehh
1- Did not like.  Didn't finish. Gave book away.
Series Rating: 5/5

So I'm just going to fangirl and flail for a second about this series.  I will forever read anything that Leigh Bardugo writes.  The Grisha Trilogy has anything you could want in a book.  
Strong female character-check 
 Best friend turned love interest-check  
 The dark evil character-check 
 Saving the world from said evil character-check

Anything that I write about this series will not do it justice.  I literally read all three books in about 5 days.  Every character was unique and developed and I even found myself routing for the other side at times. The world that Bardugo built is reminiscent of Russia and it is so intricate and detailed.  I absolutely loved the folklore aspect of the books.  If there was one reason to read the books, it would be for The Darkling.  He's the evil character I mentioned above but man oh man, it was hard not to be drawn to him. He is the perfect bad boy. I mean, if that's your thing.

Summary (Shadow & Bone):

 Ravka is torn in two by the Shadow Fold, a dark impenetrable place where monsters feed on human flesh.  When Alina's troop is attacked by them while trying to cross the Fold and her best friend, Mal, is severely injured, she ends up revealing a hidden power she never knew she had.  In doing so, she becomes the most desired person in the land.  Grisha's are the elite people of Ravka who possess powers and rule the country and she has the most desired one of all, one that could save the country from the Fold and restore the world. The Grisha's are ruled by the Darkling.  Alina is taken to the palace where the Grisha's train and it put under the Darkling's wing.  He has special plans for her and her powers.

I won't review the other two books because I don't want to give too much away but Siege and Storm is where my favorite character, after the Darkling of course, appears; Sturmhond (Storm Hound). With the entrance of Sturmhond, there's a love quartet going on and I found myself wanting Alina to pick each of them at one point or another. Mal is her best friend and his love for her in unconditional.  He made many sacrifices for her.  The Darkling is the bad boy you love to hate.  His connect with Alina is undeniable and I believe even until the end, he did love her.  Sturmhond is the underdog.  He's the wise cracking, adventure loving guy who charms and annoys her all at the same time.

What I Loved:

EVERYTHING As I said, the world building and the folklore were superb. Sometimes with YA books, the writing can be lacking but not with Bardugo.  There was so much going on and I found I couldn't turn the pages fast enough. Just when you think you have things figured out and know where the story is going, you don't. 
I can't say it enough about how well even the secondary characters were developed. I loved that Bardugo included a same sex relationship.
THE DARKLING Alina and his steamy relationship was everything I wanted. The way you would start to feel for him and kind of warm to him and then in the next instant, he would go and reveal his dark side and make you hate him again.  It's just so hard to not have a soft spot for him.  Like the darkness ruined him and he knows and has embraced it but he's still a boy under all the evil who wants to be loved. 

What I Didn't Love:

The lack of the Darkling in the Siege and Storm and the lack of Sturmhond in Ruin and Rising.  They were by far my two favorite characters and I just needed to know everything about them. I would have loved to be inside both of their heads at different points during the story line.
I can honestly say there was not much I didn't love about this series.  The Grisha Trilogy is definitely added to my top favorite books.

Cast of Characters:


Go and read this series now!  And be prepared to stay up waaay past your bedtime reading "just one more chapter". 


  1. I've never heard of this trilogy, but now I'm interested. 3 books in 5 days- that must be good!

  2. sounds like a good series! I know this is sacrileg' but I do love the covers as well. And that's a hell of a cast!!! Pretty much love all those men.

    1. Not sacrilege to me because I am totally a cover judger. That's the first impression you have of the book, that and the title. If that draws me in, I'll look at the description.
      And give me some Jon Snow any day...drool

    2. Agree on all counts! Jon Snow for sure but him + Khal Drogo is next level.

  3. I'm already so in. Say Russian and folklore and I'm done, I am ready to read it now, lol.