Thursday, June 18, 2015

You Probably Don't Know....

I'm a regular reading over at Helene's blog so when I saw this link up, I knew I was going to participate.  Plus since I started blogging a few months ago, I haven't really done any about me posts.

-When I was little, I had a young bull as a pet.  His name was Blackie because ya know, he was black.  Real original, Rose. We used to raise a few cows for meat and he was no exception.  Except I thought he was.  He was the first male we had and I really thought he was my pet.  One day he went away.  My mom told me it was because he was growing horns and getting to be too dangerous but years later, I found out we ate him.

-I have Morton's Toes. Which means that my second toe is longer than my big toe.  Chances are you have one too or know someone that does.

-I've always been interested in the dark and macabre.  For the longest time, I wanted to become a medical examiner and still would if it didn't require 10 years of school.

-I would love to go on some type of survivor show. Errol and I watch a lot of the survivor type shows out there and I've learned alot from them.  I feel confident that if I was out hiking and got lost or had to spend the night somewhere, I could. I would love to test myself and really see how strong I am, especially under pressure.

-I'm adopted.  My parents adopted me when I was 9 days old. Below is probably one of the first pictures taken of me.  It was taken at the foster home I went to before I was placed.  I was 5 days old in this picture. After all was said and done, it took my parents 10 years to finally become parents.

-My dad is one of my biggest heros/inspirations.  He was an alcoholic for 50+ years and seven years ago, he made the choice to quit. Add that to the fact that he has been deaf for as long as he can remember, up until 4 years ago when he found out he was a candidate to receive a cochlear implant.  The way his life has turned around and the transformation I have seen in him is nothing short of amazing. He's 71 years old and he still works 60 hours a week.  Not because he has to but because he wants to.  On top of that, he still mows the 3 acre lawn they have and he cuts and hand splits his own firewood.  I hope to still be as active as him when I'm his age.

-I'm an only child and so is Errol.  If you had asked me when I was younger, it never bothered me. But as I've gotten older, I do wish that I had a sibling to share that special connection that I see so many people have.

-If I could make a career out of reading, I would.

-I've become a crazy cat lady. Errol makes fun of me but I seriously could just watch my cat for hours.  I especially like to watch him clean his toes. Pretty much everything he does I think is cute. You can hear me say "chutest chitty ever" and "too chute chitty" multiple times a day.

-I wear my heart on my sleeve.  You can pretty much tell where you stand with me. I think I'm good at hiding my emotions but I'm not. I guess I'm pretty easy to read.

-In 8th grade, I won the bullhorn award.  Which is exactly how it sounds.  I'm loud. I can't whisper. I've been loud my whole life and don't see that changing any time soon.  When I used to work in a call center, no one liked sitting near me because any time I was on a call and got excited about something, my voice would raise about 10 octaves.

-I have a lazy eye.  Most days it's not noticeable unless you know about it. I can notice it when I smile but it really comes out when I'm tired or had a few drinks.  Basically it's just more squinty than the other one.

-Sometimes I snort when I laugh.

Tell me a fact about you!

Helene in Between


  1. I love this! I feel like I just learned so much! What an inspirational story about your dad! Thanks for sharing, bullhorn.

  2. those are great facts, I can't believe it took ten years for your parents to become your parents officially.. and you "grew" your own meat?.

  3. i have mortons toes too! and i love that you had a pet bull. haha i bet i would have given you a running for the bullhorn award :)

  4. Your dad is very impressive!

  5. I have mortons toes too!

    10 years for it to be official? CRAZY!

  6. I've had many pet cows...a few were bulls too! But once they got full grown, they continued to "play" with us and it got kind of dangerous lol.

    1. I'm sure and even know when I think about it, the excuse my Mom gave me seems plausible. Bulls can be aggressive and not something you would want your young child around. I'm sure part of the reason they butchered him so early was because of that.

  7. I love the story about your dad!

    I've always been interested in the dark/macabre as well. I think it's most obvious when it comes to my choices in entertainment. Speaking of ... I also wish I could make a career out of reading. That would be so awesome!

  8. I'm an only child too and even though I would ask my parents for a brother or sister when I was little, I was really OK with not having one. As I've gotten older, I find that I feel like I'm almost missing out on something, being an only child.
    Oh well! I have great cousins and friends to fill that space!

  9. I love reading 'about me' type posts, always a fave. That is so sad about the bull, lol- aw! I would have thought he was my pet too. He is so, so cute in that picture.

    What a cool story about your dad! Good for him! On so many levels that is an amazing story.

    How special you were adopted. I've read about four blogger adoption stories this week for some reason and each one just makes my heart full.

    I never use the term 'lazy eye' for myself as I differentiate it from what I have but I have ptosis too on one eye! Actually the first blog post I ever did was about my eye. So I feel ya! :)

    And your cat is so cute!! I want one so badly but not where we're at now. Sometime in the future.

    1. "About me" posts are some of my favorites to read as well.
      I love reading about adoption stories. I always feel this weird kinship when I find out someone is adopted. It's kind of like we're part of this really cool secret club.
      I actually didn't know the term for a lazy eye. Good to know!

  10. As a kid, I had a dog named Brownie, because, you know, he was Brown. If you find that career that involves reading all the books you want to read, let me know about it. I'd be interested :) I've become a crazy cat lady too. I use to fear cats. them with all my heart.

  11. I can't believe I commented without recognizing your father. He sounds like a wonderful guy full of strength!

  12. I always love reading the less-known things about people. I think it brings us all a little closer.