Monday, June 15, 2015

Spring Goals Revisited

I wouldn't say I hit my goals out of the park but they were a solid 50/50. So let's see how I did.

  • Make and stick to a blogging schedule PASS
 I'd like to find a writing schedule that is consistent while also not putting too much on my plate.  I'm thinking I'd like to post three times a week; Monday, Wednesday & Friday.  
I'm going to give this one a pass.  Some weeks I only blogged once and one week, I didn't blog at all but I'm not going to beat myself up over it. I've finally found a schedule that works for me. I've planned out the next couple of weeks blog posts.  They won't be published on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule but I have three posts planned per week and that works for me.

  • Put together a great interview outfit and schedule at least one interview PASS
I want to put together an outfit I feel comfortable and confident in.  I would like to attend at least one interview. It's been awhile since I have had to interview for a job and I really want to put my best self out there. I think it will help to get my nerves out of the way and make me more confident in future prospects.
I went on two interviews in May and I have another one scheduled.  I bought a new blouse and put together a couple great outfits that I feel pulled together and confident in.  In fact, there should be good news coming my way this week.

  • Go on 2-4 regular hikes and hike one 4,000 footer.  Also make my list of 4,000 footers I would like to complete this year. FAIL
I really didn't go as much winter hiking as I did last year or for that matter, been very active this winter.  And I can definitely feel it.  I'm sluggish and unmotivated.  Being outdoors, in the woods is my happy place and it also is a great stress reliever and mood "resetter" for me. Ultimately, I would like to complete 5 or more 4,000 footers on my list this year but I am being realistic since my stamina and endurance are low right now.
I only went on one actual hike during this time period, not counting the Pondicherry Preserve walk I went on because that wasn't an actual hike.  More of a 5 mile nature walk.  I have a few more hikes planned this month and I need to get on the ball since I do plan on doing the Mt Washington hike with Adaptive Sports at the beginning of August.
  • Be more intentional with my relationship/show my appreciation 50/50
Lately, I feel like I haven't been focusing on my relationship like I should.  It is the most important relationship I have and I should be showing it the attention it deserves.  I sometimes take my partner for granted and I would really like to show him how much I appreciate him. Also, I want to plan one unique surprise date for us.
While I did not plan a surprise date, I do have one planned/in the works.  Our weekends have been busy and when you only have two days with each other a week, it gets kind of hard to cram everything you need and want to do into those days.  I would say I definitely have been more mindful of my attitude and interactions because again, when you only see each other for two days out of the week, you don't want to be arguing with each other during that time either. 

  • Set up our screened in porch and take advantage of it every chance I get, especially after work. PASS
The main reason we chose the house we did was for the screened in porch.  I want to find a new patio set either purchase or refurbish one.  I'm looking for a two chair and table combo.  More lounge than eating.  I have this great indoor/outdoor rug that I got a few month ago and I am using that for the design inspiration.  I want to get some great Edison string lights and some new wind chimes. I can't wait until the weather is nice enough to sit out there and read.
I did make a little area in the corner of our screened in porch for us to sit with a table and chairs.  We decided not to buy patio furniture since we are not sure how long we will be at this place and who knows if our future place will have a porch.  I would like to say it will because that is one of the top things on my list for any future place but you never know.  The area is nice and I find myself reading out there after work and we like to sit out there in the morning and evenings. One corner is still full of Errol's tools and outdoor stuff but I was able to hang up some lights and some glass globes around so I'm happy with the space.

Since I don't generally make goals for my personal life, I would say I did pretty good this time around.  For the summer, we always make a summer bucket list so I will be posting that next week.  In the past, we usually get about 50% of the things checked off.  I like to use the list as a go to when we are trying to think of something to do that weekend.
How successful are you in your goals?  Do you find you complete most of them or are you like me and have a mix of pass/fail?


  1. I love that you came back to check in on these goals! Even if you didn't hit each one out the park, I know my goals make me at least more conscious of what I'm spending my time on!

    1. So true. I tend to make professional goals but not personal ones and really found myself thinking about some of my goals and how to attain them!

  2. Two interviews in a month is a great. Getting them is half the battle.

  3. I agree with Robin, getting the interview is half the battle! Good for you.