Monday, June 8, 2015

Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous

This past week, I had a chance to travel to the Hamptons for a work. I went with a few girls from work, which was nice because I'm usually traveling solo for work events. My work is renting a house for the summer in Bridgehampton so we were able to stay there. Going into the trip, I probably would have never even considered going on a vacation to the Hamptons.  They have this perception that it's for the elite and privileged. And while there is some of that, I saw places you could stay that wouldn't break the bank.  The area is very driveable, at least for now since the area is just starting to get busy.  We were able to get from Bridgehampton to Southampton in about 15 minutes.

Waiting for the ferry in Connecticut.

The rental house

The pool at the rental house.  Wish the weather was nicer so I could have gone for a dip.

After work the first day, we drove around the neighborhood ooohing and aahhing over the million dollar homes.  We stopped at one of the beach areas in Bridgehampton.  This was the only beach we visited that you had to pay for parking.  If you wanted a season pass to park there, it was $350.

That night we ate at Townline BBQ in Sagaponack. The smoked meat was delicious and the inside was so cute. You would have thought you were in a Texas roadhouse.

Tuesday, we worked all day and walked across the street to Bobby Van's, where I had the best meatloaf of my life.  One of the other girls I was with ordered it as well and she said the same thing.  It was that good. I'm still thinking about it days later.  We also ate at The Golden Pear for lunch and breakfast a couple days.  I highly recommend both restaurants.  The Golden Pear is kind of like the Hampton's chain restaurant.  They have four different locations and I saw all but one in my travels.  Their breakfast and lunch selections are diverse and everything I ordered was delicious.

Wednesday, we were traveling home but our ferry reservation wasn't until later that afternoon so we took the morning to explore.  We got breakfast and ate it at Haven's Beach in Sag Harbor.

 Since it was only a few minutes away, we decided to make the trip to Southampton since this is where the shopping and huge million dollar homes that you think of when you hear the Hamptons are.  We stopped at a beach that we later found out was voted the best beach in America.  I can see why.  It was gorgeous.  We looked around some of the shops, which take up like 4 blocks.  There was a good mix of higher end shops, boutiques and chain type stores like JCrew.  I liked that there were a variety of price points so anyone could shop there.
We also drove down Gin Lane and some other side roads and saw amazing homes.  The houses we saw in Bridgehampton were nothing compared to these.  I wish I could have gotten some pictures because they were just amazing.  Think $10 million homes, one after the other.  And to think that these houses are only used a few weeks out of the year. 

It was an amazing trip.  It hardly felt like work because I was able to enjoy the beach and ocean.  If you are taking a trip to the Hamptons, I would recommend to pick up the Hamptons Magazine.  It was free at a lot of businesses and street corners.  I finally picked one up the last day and it was a wealth of knowledge and recommendations.  I wish that I had checked it out the first day since it references all the hot spots and up and coming restaurants and shops.  It was nice seeing that all three places we ate at were recommended.  If I go back, I will definitely be eating at Pierre's. Multiple people mentioned this restaurant for its French cuisine.

I'm hoping to travel back there soon as we have some last minute stuff to wrap up.


  1. I love the neon lion in the front! What a fun trip :)

    1. He was a nice feature keeping guard over the house ;-)

  2. you're lucky that you have a work hook-up! It's my hope to weekend there at least once in my life but I have definitely always wondered if I could ever afford it, lol. good to know there's hope!! Pretty pictures.

    1. The area is very driveable and they have buses called the Jitney going back and forth so you most definitely could stay in one of the less expensive areas and still be able to visit South & East Hampton. Hope you are able to visit because it is just so gorgeous!

  3. That's so awesome you got to go visit for work. I'm pretty sure I would have spent the whole time checking out (ahem stalking) the million dollar homes. Too too cool!

  4. I also like the neon lion!

    I've only been to the Hamptons twice, I prefer my shore down here!

  5. Sounds like a place that I would enjoy visiting. I like places where there is easy access to stores with multiple price ranges.