Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Life Lessons From Hogwarts

Pretty much since I started rereading the Harry Potter books, I had the idea for this post. There are so many life lessons to take away from this book. Not only do I think the series is a great way to introduce the magic and power of reading to young readers but there are many positive lessons and character traits. These are just some of them.
*Warning: spoilers ahead

In ever book, there comes a point where Harry and his friends are tested and must prove themselves.  Naturally, they are afraid and nervous but they never shy away from the challenges that are put before them. Even in the first book when he is only eleven, he is faced with having to defend himself against Voldemort even though he knows that Voldemort is the most powerful wizard and is the reason that he is an orphan.  Harry's and his friends bravery is tested right up until the last book.  Neville evolves from this timid young boy into someone who stands up to the Death Eaters and even kills a Horcrux. When Dumbledore tells Harry that he can be the only one to defeat Voldemort and fulfill the prophecy, even knowing that "neither can live while the other survives", he does not run away from it.  He has the courage to stand up to Voldemort when half of the wizarding world is hiding in fear. When Voldemort takes over the Ministry of Magic and the easier thing to do would be to follow, we see the true and brave of the community. Even when people have proven to doubt him or mock him, he still will fight for them.  He values life. He will do the right and courageous thing even if it makes him unpopular, like when Umbridge takes over as the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher and tries to impose her beliefs upon the school. Life at Hogwarts that year would have been easier for him if he just put his head down and kept his mouth shut but he chose to speak the truth and suffer the consequences.
"It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends."


In some of Harry's darkest moments, it is his friends that pull him through and out of the darkness. When Sirius dies and he is angry at the world and lost, they are there when he needs them the most.   So many people helped support and guide him. When he decides that he was going to locate the Horcruxes alone rather than return to Hogwarts for his final year, Ron and Hermoine refuse to let him do it alone. Hagrid is very much Harry's biggest supporter and loved him unconditionally.  Happiness can be found in the dark times if you look for the light and the light for Harry was his friendships. Harry's life up until Hogwarts was very lonely but the moment he got on that train and met Ron, everything changed for him.  He finally found the home he had been searching for.

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 This is beautiful.

Harry Potter is the one of the most famous people in the wizarding world but never once does he let it go to his head.  He is always humble and does not judge.  You witness in the wide range of friends he has.  Luna and Neville definitely are not the most popular people at Hogwarts but that does not stop Harry from befriending them.  They end up being some of the strongest friendships he makes. Even after all of his triumphs and the recognition that comes from them, he never gloats or acts like he has done anything special.  To him, he is doing what anyone would have done.  When Harry made the simple choice to free Dobby, he made a friend for life.  Dobby was willing to do and sacrifice anything for him because he was truly so thankful to be a free elf. 
"If you want to get a good look at a man, take a look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals"

Also, can we just talk about Snape and Dobby for a moment?  To me, they were the most heartbreaking and hard to deal with deaths out of all the books.  Sure, it was sad when Dumbledore died but then you learn that he kind of used Harry, his image is tainted from then on, at least for me it is. But Snape?  All along he was truly good.  We see how far he was willing to go for a girl he fell in love with 20 years ago. All the sacrifices he made and the courage it took to live the majority of his life as a lie. I truly wish that Harry had gotten a chance to know the truth before he died. Atleast he was able to see it and Snape did not take that secret to the grave.  
The resounding theme of Harry Potter is that love conquers all.  Love is the reason the Harry survived Voldemort's attack when he was a baby and the reason that he survived the second time.  Love is what separates the good from the evil. Snape, Voldemort and Harry both had very similar upbringings but neither of them turned out the same. Voldemort made the mistake of believing that love did not matter, power did.  When you never experience love, you do not know the power it has.

I promise I won't talk about Harry Potter for awhile now, even though I feel like I could say a million more things.  About how many times my heart broke and I cried.  About how angry I was when I realized how Dumbledore used Harry. About how I need to know what happens after Voldemort dies.  About how I need to know more about Harry's parents and young Sirius and Lupin.

And if you haven't read the books, what are you waiting for?

This is all so true, and definitely worth the read.


  1. This is te best thing ever on a Tuesday morning!

    1. Thanks! I had to cut it short because it was getting alittle too long ;-)

  2. I don't quite like the last pic because of the idea that "a mother's love is the strongest force on Earth". James told Lily to take Harry and run when Voldemort came to their house; knowing that he probably couldn't defeat Voldemort on his own. I know he was a jerk in the past, but he made as much of a sacrifice as Lily did.

  3. That last image with what was taught by everyone, oh man. I remember when these came out I refused to read them because I thought they were for kids. Like, grade school. But then my friend sent me home with the first 2 books. Mind you I was 25 at the time. I started reading the first one and was hooked in the first chapter. From there it was an obsession with both the books and the movies.