Friday, June 12, 2015

Fri-YAY 6.12.15

Another week down. I can't believe June is almost halfway over and the 4th of July is right around the corner.  Summer is already slipping by.  I'm going to make Errol sit down and make our traditional summer bucket list. I'm sure there will be lots of boating and outside activities on it.  Hopefully a couple weekend trips.  It's hard for us to travel in the summer because his work doesn't like him to take time off in the summer since that's their busy time, which can be frustrating.

 O N E//
I signed up for a women's gun safety course for next weekend.  It was only $10 and something I've been wanting to do. Errol is somewhat of a gun collector and have around 15 guns.  I've shot all of them but before I met him, I'd never shot a gun before. I do enjoy shooting and we've gone skeet shooting a few times over the years but I'd definitely like to take a formal class to get more familiar with them. Errol has made me take his handguns and load them over and over again to make sure I know how to do it since he wants to feel confident I can protect myself but I'm looking forward to taking the class and learning more.
T W O//  
Wednesday I went out with a group of girls from work to see Woman in Gold. It stars Helen Mirren and Ryan Reynolds.  Mirren is a survivor of the Holocaust and enlists Reynolds, a lawyer, to help her recover her families lost artwork that the Nazis had stolen during the war.  One of the paintings is famous painting by Klimt called Woman in Gold and is of her aunt.  All of us thought the movie was good and I think everyone of us shed some tears.  I noticed we weren't the only ones. Make sure to check this one out.  Mirren was a standout in her role.


T H R E E//   
So my Chitty is on a killing spree.  When we lived at the farm house, he would kill a mouse literally everyday and leave it for us. Since we moved to the new place, he's only killed one.  We had guessed that he was being lazy and figured he was living the good life now so he didn't need to but since I got back from my trip last week, he's killed 4 things.  The night I got home, he left me a mouse.  Sunday he brought in another mouse he killed and was trying to eat it on the rug.  That same night, he killed a friggin rabbit.  Both Errol and I were upset about that.  Normally when he kills the mice, we praise him and give him treats but not with the rabbit.  I immediately brought him inside and put him in the basement, which is where we put him for punishments.  There is no need for him to kill a rabbit. I'm still bothered by it.  Mostly because there was no need for it to die.  It wasn't hurting anyway and he pretty much just killed it for sport. Luckily Errol was home so I didn't have to take care of it. And then Wednesday I came home and he had killed a chipmunk. 
Hopefully he's gotten it out of his system.

F O U R// 
Some days, people just need a little encouragement to make their day better

  F I V E//

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  1. I want to see that movie so bad! I love her and the subject matter seems really intriguing!

  2. First is one of my favorite songs I've discovered in the past year. SUCH a tune! Glad to hear Woman in Gold is a great movie - the trailer looked fantastic. I will have to make a point of seeing it now.

  3. I want to learn to fire a gun. My husband spontaneously travels for work, so I think I should learn.