Friday, May 8, 2015

Fri-YAY 5.8.15

This week just flew by, which isn't a bad thing. The bf has been gone all week for work so I am most definitely looking forward to seeing him after work today.  Usually on Fridays he is pretty beat from the work week so we tend to lay low on Friday nights.  We'll probably order in or grill and watch a few shows that recorded during the week.  What are some shows that you only watch as a couple?  We have a few but at the top of the list currently is Person of Interest, The Following, Bates Motel and Elementary.
This weekend we have some more yard work to do.  Last weekend we finished up the raking but we still have some weeding to do and the porch needs to be cleaned and organized. It's supposed to be nice so I'm hoping to take our boat or canoe out for the first time this year.  He'll fish but I'm fine just sitting back with a book and drink in hand. I'm also hoping to have a few people over to sit around the fire.

O N E//
I had some exciting news in regards to a work opportunity this week.  I'm trying not to get too excited because nothing is certain but I'm feeling pretty optimistic. Vague message is vague.

T W O//  
I finally got around to switching over my summer clothes.  Man, what a process. It took me about 5 hours all together to pack away the winter boots and sweaters, clean and sort through my summer clothes and decide what to keep and what to get rid of.  I ended up with a large bag of items to send to thredUP and I left a few things on the free pile at work. Also, if you haven't tried thredUP, I can't say enough good things about it.  This will be my forth time sending in a bag and I have gotten over $100 each time.  I can't speak to the purchase experience but my selling experience has been great.  If you are interested in purchasing, send in a bag first because once they issue your payout, they will send you a 40% off email.
 I love how clean and nice my clothes room looks now.  Give it a week and it will be a disaster again. This is just a little glimpse.  There's more clothes in my closet, in a dresser and on a small table.  Please tell me I'm not the only one with this much clothes.
I left one pair of Ugg's out because they are cozy at night when your outside. Ps those are just my summer shoes.
T H R E E//   
Last Sunday we went on a hike, more a nature walk, around Pondicherry Wildlife Refuge. Even though it's close to where I live, I had never heard of it before.  I had just kind of stumbled a crossed it a couple weeks ago. We started at the end of a trail and hiked into the preserve.  It ended up being about 5 miles round trip.  Apparently it's a big bird watching place because within seconds on us reaching the dock area, a bunch of bird watchers showed up with their binoculars and cameras with 30 foot lens attachments.  We didn't stick around there for too long.  But the views!! The mountains!! This place was so gorgeous.

The Presidential Range at it's finest.

F O U R// 

  F I V E//

What fun things do you have planned this weekend?

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  1. I LOVE THOSE PHOTOS! What a beautiful sky :) Also, good luck on the job front!

  2. I love your shoe collection! Mine used to look somewhat similar until I downgraded in space and had to decide what got to stay and what had to go. Sad. Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. I KNOW ABOUT MOVING THE SEASONAL CLOTHES OUT, ahhh- it drives me nuts! It's sooo time consuming but feels so good to get it done. And your shoe collection puts mine to shame!!! Wow, nice. And yes, Uggs are year round! I especially love them for camping in the evenings.

    Your hike looks SO pretty. Wow.

    Good luck on your job news! And Roald Dahl is always good.

    1. So time consuming but refreshing. I love my Uggs for camping or sitting around the fire.

  4. Those are some excellent views on your hike!

    I love getting rid of stuff and starting the season fresh with a clean closet.

  5. What a beautiful place! My husband started watching episodes of "Elementary" last week. It sounded good, so I sat down and joined him.

  6. I finally found someone who has a shoe collection to rival mine. I LOVE IT. Shoes are the best. Fingers crossed the good news at work for you becomes 100% official!