Friday, May 22, 2015

Fri-YAY 5.22.15

Can I just say that I am so happy that today starts a three day weekend and the unofficial start of summer. I'm so looking forward to having that extra day off to relax and share it with the boyfriend. It also means half day Friday's at work are starting. They are such a nice perk.  It feels so good to sneak out early on a nice Friday afternoon.

O N E//
I have seriously been slacking on the blog front. Life has been just so busy that I haven't had the time to read blogs, let alone write a blog post.  And truthfully, it's been alot of work, party planning and sleeping. I hate it though because I haven't had time to read some of my favorite blogs like Natalie at Never Serious or Steph at Life According to Steph. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks, life will be less crazy and I can really focus on writing the great post ideas I've had swimming around. I haven't even been reading that much. It's typical for me to read everyday but not lately. Usually I read on my lunch break at work but I haven't been doing that either.

T W O//  
My parents are out of town on vacation so I've been taking care of their dog, Boots. She's a pretty low maintenance dog because she does not like to be inside so she is perfectly happy to spend her time outside while my parents are gone.  I've been stopping over after work to feed and give her some attention.
T H R E E//   
Making these delicious looking Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Bars for Errol to take with him this week. Cheesecake is one of Errol and I's favorite desserts.

Skinny Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Bars - you won't even know they're light! Only 128 calories each!
Image via Sally's Baking Addiction

F O U R// 
It's all still up to you finally to take the first step to change!
The timing of this could not be more perfect.  Trying to believe in taking that leap of faith and embracing the change.
  F I V E//
This song on repeat.

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  1. I definitely agree with that picture. More people should think about how they could change things instead of just whining.

  2. I completely understand about keeping up with blogging and following other blogs too! I go through periods every so often where I won't post for a week or two just because I need the break. I don't ever want it to feel like a "have to" thing --- I just do it for fun --- so if it ever starts to feel that way, I take a step back and relax. Hope you find your rhythm again though!

  3. I love taking care of my parents dog too. It's such a good situation.

    1. Me too! I'm just glad I don't have to do it all the time ;-)

  4. Tell me how the cheesecake bars turn out!!! They look AMAZING

    1. Umm, I was lazy and did not make them this weekend but they are for sure my next treat item I make.

  5. ummmm, I'll happily watch Boots!!! What a cutie!!!! Enjoy the long weekend!!

    1. Thanks! She is a cutie. I like to call her Princess Boo Boo

  6. Chocolate chip cookie bars? I think I'm hooked already...