Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Hashtag Humpday: Party Planning and Getting Dirty

It's been a hot minute since I've been here.  Between work and planning my parent's anniversary party, I have not had the time to blog or even really visit blogs like normal. And I also don't want to feel pressure to have to come here everyday and have new and exciting things going on.  I don't want it to become a chore. Anywho, moving on.

Speaking of party planning, man is it stressful.  I just want this to be the Pinterest perfect event I have planned in my mind and well, life is not Pinterest perfect. Also when you have the smallest budget known to man, you can't really expect much. I have to keep telling myself that my parents are going to be surprised and appreciate it no matter what. #bestchildaward
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I wore makeup yesterday for my interview (!!) and I could not wait to wash the ish off the second I got home.  My normal routine is some moisturizer, my brows and alittle mascara and done.  I just do not like the weight of foundation or concealer on my face.  I used to wear it all the time but I prefer the less is more approach now. #notagirl #naturalisbetter

We had our yearly company wide community service day last Friday.  It is just so good for the soul to be able to volunteer and help better the world in your own little way, all while getting paid. We volunteer at an local camp for underprivileged kids by cleaning, building stuff and just getting it ready for campers. For the last few years, I've volunteered on the trail clean up crew.  Part of that job is making sure the drainage areas and streams along the trail are cleaned and free of debris. I was on a group with four other girls. Pretty much none of them wanted anything to do with the mud and water. And there I was knee deep in it with my hands and face all muddy.  #dirtygirl 

I've become obsessed with the show Married at First Sight.  Who am I?  The first season it was on, I was all like really?! But I caught a few minutes of a show one day and then I binged watched about 7 episodes and am now caught up. Does anyone else watch this show? #teamjessicaandryan

I've been sucking at the meal planning lately. This is the time of year that Errol works out of town and he likes to bring some sort of cooked something with him for dinner or lunch a couple nights.  I just have not had the motivation or creativity to think of something.  He tends to like casserole type of meals or grilled meat and I have exhausted all of my go to meals.  Any suggestions? #suziehomemakerIamnot #IonlydoitcauseIlovehim

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  1. I can't wait to hear about the party!
    It'll be fantastic no matter what- and you will absolutely win favorite child award. I just started watching Married at First Sight as well! I caught about half of the episode last night... And all I think about is why the heck did these people agree to the show- lol!

    1. I hope it all goes well and that they are surprised. Good thing I have my aunt helping me otherwise I would be even more of a stressball!
      OMG, please tell me you are addicted too!? Who's your favorite?

  2. I have never seen married at first sight, but I feel like it's definitely one to get addicted to. ALSO preach girlfriend on not wanting blogging to become a chore. I feel like no content a couple of days is better than half-assed content. whatever we do, we should use our full ass...

  3. I keep seeing previews for Married at First Sight but I haven't taken the plunge yet - I think I would be obsessed. And I totally feel you on the planning meals and coming up with new dinner ideas. I'm fresh out. It gets exhausting trying to do it all the time!

  4. I don't wear as much make-up as I used to. I lightly color in my eyebrows, dab concealer underneath my eyes, and put nude eyeshadow on my eyelids. Sometimes I want to find a good mascara or liquid eyeliner, but I have been lazy about it.

  5. I have planned two formal parties this year after not planning parties like that in awhile and realized how ridiculously intense they are to plan! I feel you.

    And yes, don't apologize for missing posts or not being here, etc. It is awful when it becomes a chore and takes away from the point of why you like to write.

    And lastly, my go-to meals are: Tacos, Homemade pizza slices (prob the easiest) & when in doubt, just a good, ol' huge sandwich.

    1. Well, this is definitely not formal. I couldn't even image unless it was for someone else and it was my job and I had an unlimited budget lol
      We eat tacos quite often, usually in salad form and during the summer, our grill is put to good use. I eat sandwiches and sandwiches pretty regularly for lunch at work.