Monday, April 6, 2015

You're Invited

Photograph by Meg Perotti via Bon Appetit
The spark for this post came from the movie Tommy Boy.  Random. Let me explain.  It was on the other day as background noise and I thought, Chris Farley would be someone I would invite to my dinner.  You know, the one where you have to pick 5 people to invite for your ultimate dinner? You have to take into account the dynamic of the dinner. There are so many different scenarios you could do if you think about it that way.  For this version, I chose only to select people that are not alive.

 Albert Einstein
He would provide great intellectual dinner conversation.  Obviously he's smart and has a wealth of knowledge but I think he would have great facts or questions that would stimulate and add conversation.  In my mind, this dinner would be like a salon from the 1880's where all types of intellectuals are discussing various concepts.

Chris Farley
I guess maybe Chris Farley could be not everyone's cup of tea but I don't know who those people are.  He would for sure be the comedic relief.  You can't be too serious and any good dinner party has lots of laughs.

Cleopatra was a badass B. I love a strong woman and she definitely was one.  You didn't mess around with her and she was the life of the party. And we all know she was easy on the eyes. And while I know she wouldn't show up as Elizabeth Taylor, it couldn't hurt.  Two birds, one stone?

Elvis Presley
My only requirement for this is that it has to be a younger Elvis Presley, circa the picture above. He would have to play a couple songs like "All Shook Up" and "Hound Dog".  Plus I would have to get his autograph for my Gram. 

Martin Luther King
I would be interested to see how far he thinks the country has come.  Where we need to improve? What would be his take on Obama? I would be interested to see what he thinks of the world today.  I think him and Einstein could have a lot on insight into the world of today vs the world of their time.

Well, there it is.  I had fun putting this together and thinking about who I would invite to my dinner.  I already can think of other different themes I could pick, like literary characters.

So lets here it, who would you invite to your dinner from the past?


  1. So what the heck do you think you would talk about at this party? ;)