Friday, April 24, 2015

Fri-YAY! 4.24.15

I feel like I always talk about the weather on my Friday posts but yesterday I woke to quite the surprise. SNOW! *insert multiple angry face emoji here* I mean, does Mother Nature not know that it is the end of April? It's just cruel at this point.  At first, I just thought there was frost on the trees but nope, snow. I just keep thinking about how short the summer is going to be because of how long this weird not winter, not spring weather has been lasting.
That's the end of my rant.  On to Friday favorites.

O N E// Favorite Moment
The notice just went out for this years Sunrise Ascent on Mt Washington with Adaptive Sports Partners. I am so excited to be participating again this year. Last year was my first year participating in this awesome fundraising event for Adaptive.  I can't even put into words how humbling and inspiring it was.  This blurb from the website explains it pretty good.
"At sunrise, on Sunday, August 2nd, teams will ascend the Mount Washington Auto Road, determined to reach the 6,288-foot summit of Mount Washington.  Each team will include an adaptive athlete and a team of “mules” who will help those athletes needing assistance, or accompany other independent athletes as they climb the 8 miles to the summit.  Together the teams will be inspired by the beauty of the sunrise, majesty of the Presidential Range and the determination shared amongst them.​"
Really, it starts before sunrise and you end up being about a quarter of the way up when the sun starts peaking over the mountains.  Last year I was on the team assisting a young girl named Abby.  She has a degenerative eye disease but there are several teams who are assisting athletes who are in wheelchairs.  They are literally pulling them up the mountain.  Last year was the first year that they had two people who were in wheelchairs but were able to wheel themselves up.   It makes me chocked up just thinking about it and the sheer determination they had to reach the top.  I also want to mention that by summiting the auto road, it is longer than if you actually chose to hike up Mt Washington. 
This is towards the beginning of the hike.  There are several teams pictured here.

Sun just starting to come up over the mountains.
The two wheelchair participants. 
Above the clouds
Final push to the top.  Even though they started before us, they were the last to make it to the top. Everyone met them at the last incline to cheer them on.
Completed! Hiked 8 miles all before 9am.
T W O// Favorite Mistake
Ya know how I'm rereading Harry Potter?  I've only mentioned it a time or two.  I realized that I'm missing book 5 of the series.  No clue where it is because I did own it at one point but I must have loaned it out and never gotten it back.  Perfect reason why I hate loaning books out.  You never get them back unless you hound the person for them.  Anyways, I went to order book 5 but I mistakenly ordered book 6 instead. The order already shipped so now I'll have two Half Blood Princes.  I might just put my older one on the free table at work. 

T H R E E// Favorite Funny
I guess this technically wasn't this week since it happened on Friday but I didn't do a weekend recap so I'm counting it for this week. My blog, my rules. Friday we hung out with some friends and played Cards Against Humanity.  There were about 10 of us playing and I had such a good time.  I'm glad I ended up deciding to go because I had had a shitty day at work and wasn't really sure if I was up to being social but I decided it was better than throwing myself a pity party. The girl that was hosting had the huge expansion version so there were a lot of cards that I hadn't seen before.  I drank waaay too much and was hung over for like rest of the weekend because #oldladystatus but it was worth it. And it was exactly what I needed.

F O U R// Favorite Chitty Moment
This weekend Errol was playing around with this rc buggy thing he bought.  It goes something like 40 mph so it's pretty zippy for a toy. He decided to drive it towards the cat and Chitty did not like it at all.  In fact, he was pretty much petrified of it.  At one point, I guess it got too close for comfort because all of a sudden we look over and he's 30 feet up a tree!
He jumped/fell shortly after I took this picture and he about gave me a heart attack.  I thought he had seriously injured himself.  He took off into the woods and a little while later I tried to get him to come out but he was just meowing off in the woods.  At this point, I still thought he might be hurt or something.  I had to go and get him out of the woods.  He was sitting in a puddle of water under a bush and wouldn't even come out to me.  I felt so bad.  He was attached to my hip the rest of the day.  So needless to say, there will be no more rc driving while he's outside.  And while I was pretty worked up when he got down from the tree, I still can't believe that he climbed that far up the tree.

F I V E// Favorite Song

See you Monday!

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  1. wow, that hike looks awesome!! What a good day that must be. Looks physically and spiritually rewarding. I would love to do something like that.

    And I thought your cat was a bear!! I was like "meowing??" and then had to go look at the picture again. Glad they're okay!!

    1. Yes, it is so rewarding and moving to be part of such a great event.
      I know, he does look like a little bear cub in that photo! :)

  2. That walk looks amazing, especially the sun coming up!

  3. i straight up thought your cat was a bear too! i'm glad you saved your kitty and i would probably be attached to your hip too :) what an amazing thing 'adaptive' sounds like and glad you're doing it again. how incredible!

  4. I am so glad I found this little space! Opened it up from the 5 on Friday and from moment 1 I was hooked, then the further I went the more I thought, "these are so many of my favorite things too"! Including the mistake, if I was missing one of my HP books I would be so very sad! Hope you can get the 5th book sent your way soon or even better that whoever borrowed it reads this and sends it back :) Have a beautiful weekend!