Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Currently 4.21.15

Reading// Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and loving it.  I feel like from book 4 onward is where the series really gets good. I don't think my hearts ready for book five though. 
Watching// Finding Carter & Teen Mom OG.  Based on my watching and reading choices, you would think I was a 14 year old.  But I mean have you seen Finding Carter?  When I first saw the preview for it last year, it sounded like that book Girl on the Milk Carton or whatever but man, this series does not disappoint.  It keeps me guessing.  Carter is always finding out some secret that her family has been keeping.  There's also some great eye candy too like Crash, who's the bad boy love interest and Max, who is kind, caring and has the perfect man bun.
I gave up watching Teen Mom but when they announced that the original girls were coming back, I knew I had to watch.  Mostly because I love to hate Farrah.
Wanting// To do some serious spring clothes shopping.  I've been holding off because I literally have three huge bags of spring clothes plus 4 totes of sandals that I need to cycle into my closet and get rid of the winter stuff.  Plus pretty much wherever I get a new job, I will need to buy some new work clothes.  I am contemplating trying a capsule wardrobe but I just don't know.  I mean the idea sounds great but I'm still on the fence. But I am trying to be more mindful of my clothing purchases and buying less "in season" stuff and more lasting pieces that I can mix and match.
Listening// My CCR & 90's Alternative Pandora stations have been getting a lot of play lately. 
Hungry// For these Jalapeno Cheddar Burgers. Yummy.  I might have to add them to my meal plan next week.
Planning// A surprise 40th anniversary party for my Mom & Dad in May. I'm super excited to be planning this event for my parents.  They obviously deserve it and anytime I can celebrate love, I'm in! I mean, it's not everyday that you celebrate being married for 40 years.
What are you currently up to? 


  1. Book 4 is the BEST! And how sweet to do a party for your folks :) They will love it!

    1. I really wish you would fix that no reply thingy! I keep trying to email you back directly and then I'm like oh wait, I can't! ;-)
      Book 4 is sooo good. I love how long it is. I wish they were all 700+ pages.
      And it is nice but soo much work. I sat down last night to really think and plan how I wanted it to be and I was overwhelmed. I just want it to be nice and I know they'll love it but I have high standards!

  2. I love Finding Carter! At first I didn't think it would be that great but I make sure to tune in every Tuesday. It's such a sick and twisted story but it keeps going. I have to agree on the eye candy bit too. So much good stuff to look at. I'm partial to man buns though so Max is my fave.

  3. 40 years is a great milestone and one to be celebrated!