Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Favorite Movies From My Childhood

Today I'm taking a note from Natalie and posting my favorite movies from my childhood.  Some of these might not be age appropriate.  I guess my parents didn't pay too much attention to those things.  I pretty much was allowed to watch most things with them and just had to cover my eyes during the ahem "couple" scenes.  haha...yeah right! I almost always peeked.

When I was brainstorming this post, I ended up coming up with quite a few movies.  I've narrowed them down just for the sake of time and length.  I'll probably end up posting another one of these at some point because I have more on my list.

So without further ado....

Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken

Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken (1991) Poster
This was easily one of my favorite movies when I was younger.  This is the story of a runaway girl set during the Depression who ends up joining a travelling circus type show where she learns how to high dive with a horse.  She works on training a wild horse and together they becoming a diving duo.  An accident happens while she's diving and she ends up completely blind. For awhile this sidelines her but she ends up getting back on her horse and diving blind.
Kindergarten Cop
Kindergarten Cop (1990) Poster

My dad is a huge Arnold Schwarzenegger fan so I have seen all of his 80's and 90's movies quite a few times.  I've seen this movie atleast 10 times and could still watch it again.  I often quote the "it's not a tumor" line.
Flight of the Navigator
Flight of the Navigator (1986) Poster

This movie is about a young boy who is taken 8 years into the future on a friendly alien ship.  It has this weird eye robot thing and a gremlin type animal.  I can only remember bits and pieces of it now but I remember really liking it. 
Honey, I Shrunk the Kids
Honey, I Shrunk the Kids (1989) Poster

I don't think you could be considered a 90's kid if this was not on your movie list.  Those big ants probably gave you nightmares and you had dreams of the trouble you could cause being so small.
Old Yeller
Old Yeller (1957) Poster

This movie....it just tore at my young little heartstrings.  I loved and hated this movie when I was little.  Every time I watched the movie, I had to leave the room when Old Yeller died.  It was just so sad to me and I would still cry even though I didn't watch the scene.  Watch this if you need a good cry.
Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty (1959) Poster

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say this was the first Disney movie I ever watched.  I had it on Beta.  Does anyone remember Beta machines?  They were before VHS.  Even at a young age I was a hopeless romantic and this probably only helped to fuel it.  Now, I much prefer The Little Mermaid and Beauty in the Beast but 6 year old Rose?  This was her jam.
The Secret Garden
The Secret Garden (1993) Poster

 Again, a movie that struck me right in the heart.  I can still remember the opening scenes where the girls parent's die in an earthquake and she is sent to live in England at her estranged uncle's estate.  Magic and wonderment soon follow.
Do you remember any of these movies?  Were they any of your favorites too?
PS Happy St Patty's Day.  Drink a green one for me!

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